‘Evermore’ Review

I’m not really in the right mood to do the whole questions and answers thing, so instead I’m going to summarise the book and then just give my opinion on it. Hopefully that won’t be too hard to read!

Evermore is about sixteen-year-old Ever who isn’t so normal. After surviving the car crash that killed her parents, her sister, and her dog, Ever realises she has psychic abilities. She can read minds, see people’s auras, sense premonitions, and oh, she can see the ghost of her little sister. When new guy, Damen, arrives at her school, Ever isn’t really as obsessed with meeting the guy who has all the girls talking. That’s until she sees him and is met with silence. After having to put so much energy into tuning everyone out, it’s refreshing when he does it for her. But as she falls head over heels for him, she begins to realise he’s not so normal either. And they have a history she never thought possible.

Okay, so the review. This is NOT about vampires. It may seem that it is, and I thought that it was, but they don’t call the creatures vampires in this. Though they do poke fun at it. Damen is an immortal. He can do wacky things, and I do like the way Alyson Noel, the author, managed to keep me guessing as to what the hell he was. First I was sure he was a vampire. Then I began to falter. And towards the end, I had no clue.

I also liked that there was a lot of sexual tension between the two characters. It wasn’t all love after two weeks and then they were professing their undying obsession for each other. No, Ever, as a main character, was quite strong willed and she definitely played Damen at his very confusing game. I liked that she didn’t quite know whether she was coming or going with him. I also liked that she had other things going on that weren’t about him. And it all moulded in very well.

I think my main problem with this book was that despite the length, the climax and the point to the book felt rushed. The twist at the end I did NOT see coming, and again I applaud Alyson for thinking of that. But because it was rushed through, I was left very confused once I’d closed the book. Especially as Alsyon has pretty much created her own brand of supernatural creature, so whatever they can do wasn’t really explored. There is another book to the series, and I think it goes into more detail there, but I would have liked a little more explanation or a little less. The way she left it made me so confused. Too much information was thrown at the readers and then not elaborated.

But I did actually enjoy it. Ever had a good voice, and her friends were entertaining. I’d have liked more scenes with them – with her doing more teenage things. That would have made it a little better for me. Damen was nice to drool over through the duration of the book, and he wasn’t creepily perfect either. Bonus points for that. Overall, I give the book 3.5 out of 5.


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