‘Catching Fire’ Review

If you’ve never read or heard of the Hunger Games trilogy, then where on earth have you been? The Hunger Games is the freshest, most originally exciting book that I have read in a long time. I enjoyed the first and second book so much, in fact, that they have fastly zoomed to the top of my favourite books of all time.

This won’t really be a review, because Catching Fire (the second book in the triology) is still new. I don’t want to spoil anything. I’ll just talk about the books as a whole.

Firstly, I love the genre. Dystopian is rapidly becoming a favourite of mine to read. I love reading about how worlds can become if certain things were to happen. In the Hunger Games, there is one Capitol city surrounded by twelve districts. These districts each provide a certain material: bread, coal, fabrics, crops etc. They range from being somewhat wealthy to very, very poor. The Capitol being the richest of the lot, filled with new technology and funky senses of fashion. Our heroine of the story, Katniss, comes from district twelve – the poorest of the bunch. It’s amazing to read about how she deals with poverty and hunger.

Speaking of hunger, you probably want to know what the title means. The Capitol throw an annual reality event every year to remind the districts of the power they possess. Two teens from each district (one boy and one girl) are submitted into the Hunger Games. Thrown into an arena where they must fight to the death. Only one can survive and win. The first book is mainly about Katniss’ experience in the Hunger Games, and her relationship with her fellow district twelve contestant, Peeta. There are so many heart stopping, jaw dropping moments that you’ll being to feel a cold sweat!

The second book takes place after the Hunger Games are over. With Katniss managing to find a way to ‘get one over’ on the Capitol, the President is mad and has some ideas of his own to gain back the power. Though that’s a twist I will not reveal. Catching Fire starts with the same tone as the Hunger Games, but it then rapidly changes. The pace changes, and you find yourself in some of the same situations as the first book, but it feels completely different.

I have to give these books 5/5. I could read them over and over. It’s up there with Harry Potter for me. And I just love Katniss and Peeta. Comment with your non spoilery reviews if you’ve read it!


4 thoughts on “‘Catching Fire’ Review

  1. Great non-spoilery review Chan! I have to agree that this is an amazing series. It's so full of excitement, but it also goes to a deeper level. Every time I read HG and now CF, I'm left with questions about myself, my world, the nature of people, our ability to survive and inspire, and what does it mean to be human in somewhat inhumane times. I can't wait for Book 3!


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