‘Stolen’ review

Stolen Stolen by Lucy Christopher

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
This was one of those books that I would think about when I couldn’t read it. At work, when I was at a family BBQ, when I slept. I wanted to spend every moment reading this book because I was so intrigued by what was happening, so desperate to know what happened next.
Gemma is a sixteen year old girl from London who doesn’t quite fit in with everything around her. I guess a lot of people can relate to that. Drinking because their friends are. Doing what their parents want them to do. What really gets me about this book is how a moment so insignificant to one person can mean the world to another. Ty, her captor, has loved her since she was ten. He does this FOR her, thinking he’s saving her from a life thats suffocating her. And in a way, he does save her. But his methods do not outweigh the end.
This was an excellent potrayal of how people’s emotions are not always straight forward. Gemma was strong yet naive. I found myself nodding along with things she said or did, but then on the next page, wanting to shake her and tell her to snap out of it.
Maybe it was because Ty was so beautifully described that I wanted him to have a happy ending. Would I have felt the way if he was old and creepy? But still, I was happy with how things progressed, and the narrative worked amazingly well. Definitely worth five stars and it has to be a book you read. I’d recommend it to everyone.

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