‘Sing Me To Sleep’ Review

Sing Me to Sleep Sing Me to Sleep by Angela Morrison

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
This is a hard book to review. Why? Because my main thought while reading this was “meh.” It wasn’t bad, don’t get me wrong. But it wasn’t great either.
Meet Beth. Frizzy hair, acne, insanely tall – The Beast. The only one who’ll even talk to her is Scott. Blonde, short, cute – The Friend. And then Beth steps up to sing a solo in her professional choir and they make her the star. But the star can’t look like a beast and so makeover ensues. Part of what makes this book on the lower end of the review scale is how jumpy the scenes are. A long time span is in this book, so I understand the need to skip things. But one minute you’re in the school while Beth is transforming from Beast to Beauty, and then you’re in Switzerland, where the competition is.
What then brings the book back to the higher end of the review scale is Derek. Handsome, mysterious, talented – The Love Interest. He doesn’t know Beth before the transformation, but he likes her regardless. The next hundred pages or so focuses on their relationship based around long distance, his secrets, her paranoia and Scott’s pressuring. Scott does not come off well in this book for me. He’s always forcing himself onto Beth, though she doesn’t try hard to fight it. And that makes her an unlikeable character. In fact, in every scene the pair are together in – I hate the both of them.
But then…the end 100 pages or so, and Derek’s mystery is revealed. I found myself wishing the author would hurry up and reveal it already. But, actually, I’m glad it was how it was. It was very tension filled and dramatic. And while I pieced it together from the beginning, I didn’t know the details and they left me stunned.
I spent the last part of the book with wide eyes, and while the ending wasn’t what I hoped for, it made sense and left me actually crying – which rarely happens for me.
I saw Beth and Derek in a whole new light, and I loved it. Their interaction was so easy and heartfelt. It didn’t feel forced at all. The last part of the book definitely bumped up the rating. So if you’re struggling to get through, please give it time. It does get better!
This is definitely a book I’ll remember for a while.

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