‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ review

The Summer I Turned Pretty (Summer, #1)The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was not one of those books I was excited to read, and truthfully, though it sounded interesting, I only read it before the others I’m excited to read because I felt I should.But this was one of those books that took you by surprise. One that evoked every kind of emotion within you and left you thinking at the end. One that gave you such a wide mix of characters, so in depth, that you felt as if you really knew them.

Onto the review:

Things I disliked:

1) Isabel ‘Belly’ often reads like a whiny child. The story flashes back to past years and her voice and dialogue then, when she was eleven or so, sound very similar to the voice of her fifteen – nearly sixteen – year old self.
2) There weren’t a lot of scene changes within the book. Mainly it took place within the beach house and I found myself wishing for another location to change things up.
3) Neither Dads of each family came across very well in this book. I would have liked for a little more explanation on them. I’m hoping for this in the next books. In one case, one father abandons his wife and the only explanation we get is that he’s just him.
4) Neither Belly nor Conrad were very likeable characters in my opinion. Belly was mean to anyone who didn’t give her what she wanted, and used boys to her advantage in order to appear mature or to win over Conrad. She disregarded the love of one brother for the love of another. And in Conrad’s case, he was mean, aloof, boring, and didn’t really care about anyone but himself. They actually suit each other.

Things I liked:

1) Both mothers were hilarious and suited each other very well. The relationship they had together was sweet and true. I enjoyed reading about them.
2) The story was very well written, even if the MC was whiny and annoying. It drew me into Belly’s world and I liked being there.
3) Though there weren’t too many supporting characters, the ones we were introduced to were interesting and different. I especially liked Cam who wasn’t your average guy. He was refreshing to the story.
4) Jeremiah was the sweetest thing to have entered this novel, and completely realistic. Vulnerable, but a teenage boy at the same time. I really liked him as a character and was rooting for him the whole time.
5) Though the revelation at the end wasn’t surprising, it did sadden me and I thought everyone’s reaction to it was very believable and emotional. In a way, I dread reading the next book.

All in all, I really did enjoy this book. The premise was one I think a lot of girls can relate to. Going through puberty isn’t really the best experience, especially surrounded by three obnoxious boys every summer. And once you settle into your own skin, its like people see you for the first time as a woman and not a weird, awkward kid.I will definitely be reading the next book and I’m so glad it was a series! 4 stars for sure 🙂

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