‘It Started With A Dare’ review

It Started with a DareIt Started with a Dare by Lindsay Faith Rech

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

CG is new to town and determined to be ‘somebody’ when before she was nobody. Well, nobody with a best friend she found actually really liked her. Leaving him and his revelation behind, CG reinvents herself as daredevil, alcoholic, sexually experienced and apparently into teachers. Her new friends are popular, but she soon realises they’re not as perfect as everyone sees from the outside. And when CG’s lies start unravelling, she realises who her true friends actually are.

CG is a funny character. Her internal monolgue (and some external too) was extremely realistic to girls her age and I could relate to the feeling of having a fresh start to reinvent yourself. I also related to losing yourself in the process. Wanting to impress people isn’t unheard of, and she does horrible things to get there.

CG’s immature. She’s young and she’s dreaming of being a person she’s not. She exploits her friendly teacher and her nerdy secret friend. Her parents are barely blips on her radar and her best friend’s brother is cheating on his girlfriend with her. I found the story to be sweet, but also carry a sensible message – it’s not okay to pretend to be someone you’re not – especially when you end up hurting people. CG makes up for this in the end, but she spends a great deal of the novel not really caring or realising her actions might have bad consequences. The end of the novel feels a little bit like it’s drumming in the message a little too hard. And the whole ‘happy ever after’ was a bit of a let down. But overall I really enjoyed this book and I think when it comes out, it’ll have a lot of happy readers.

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