‘Nothing Like You’ review

Nothing Like YouNothing Like You by Lauren Strasnick

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I find that I’m really loving contemp books right now. I thought of myself as a urban fantasy/paranormal lover, but I’m steadily moving towards contemp!I’ve changed my review style AGAIN. So bare with…Nothing Like You is about 18 year old Holly, whose mother died of cancer a few months back and who has just lost her virginity to Paul Bennett. You’d think the biggest problem with that would be that she doesn’t know him all that well, but it’s not. It’s that he actually has a girlfriend. As Holly and Paul’s affair gets more complicated, Holly realises his girlfriend is actually pretty amazing. And then there’s her best friend who she might have had feelings for all along.

Holly is a weird characer. Her mum died of cancer, and now she has the fear that she’ll get it too – even through wearing the same clothes her mum wore. She says whats on her mind, but in other times, she comes across as timid and needy. There were moments I wanted to shake her and tell her to man up. But then I did understand how it feels to like someone you shouldn’t. To obsess over the person who does have their heart.

I knew she would end up liking her best friend. It happens more and more in YA these days. I didn’t expect it to end the way it did between them. Paul was a weird character too. He started off okay. Though he’s cheating, you still see some good sides to him. And then he goes downhill and you want to hate him.

The scenes were choppy and short, which made it a quick read, but I found myself craving more. More emotion. More description. More understanding of what was. We’re told the bare minimum per scene and often next chapter zoomed forward a few months. I didn’t quite get Holly’s fascination with the knowledge that her mum dated her drama teacher. Though I found their relationship sweet. Holly could have been nicer to her dad, but I loved her closeness with her dog. Cute.

All in all, it was a sweet read. Holly didn’t really grow, and at the end I thought she was going to fall back into bad habits, but it turned around. I feel like she only suffered because she was caught, and I would have liked to see her grow and appreciate her actions for what they were. But I still enjoyed it. And I recommend it to anyone looking for a YA book that doesn’t shy away from sex and high school dramas.

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