‘Lipstick Laws’ review

The Lipstick LawsThe Lipstick Laws by Amy Holder

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What started off as a book no different to others of its kind, slowly turned into a story about a girl who fights back against a form of bullying often masked as ‘friendship’.

April was a weird character. At times, I really liked her. And at times she was immature and grated on me. However, her realisation at the end – part of the reason I didn’t like her – was realistic and boosted her up a few levels in my book.

The secondary characters were pretty developed, except her family, who were a bunch of cliche cutouts. I feel like if we’d spent more time with them, they probably would have come into their own a little more.

This was a pretty light read that delved into girl’s insecurities that make us think we’re the only ones dealing with an issue. The Lipstick Laws shows that everyone has a hangup about their body. Whether you have a flat chest or rolls on your stomach. I give kudos to Amy for bringing that to the readers attention.

One other thing I really enjoyed about this book was that April was given the chance to fight back, somewhat immaturely – sure – but still she gave as good as she got, before she realised the high road was to forget about the situation and rise above it. Still, it was nice to see Brit-Brat get a taste of her own medicine, and realisitc that teenage girls don’t always take the mature approach first time around.

The writing style was simple and easy to read. It captured my attention well and the dialogue was understandable, if not a little weird with the random words used for curses. I guess it tried to be like Mean Girls?

I recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading about high school dramas and bitchy girls.

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