‘Immortal’ review

ImmortalImmortal by Gillian Shields

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I marked this book as something I wanted to read a long time ago. And then completely forgot about it! And then Harper Teen had the first few chapters up online, and once I’d read those I decided I had to buy the book and read more (good marketing strategy, HT!!)

The storyline was that along the lines of a gothic romance. A girl moves to a posh boarding school where she meets a mysterious local boy and learns there’s more to the school, and her history, than what meets the eye.

The main character is Evie. And Evie is STUPID. There is no other word to describe her first and foremost. Apart from stupid, she’s sweet, immature, brave, trusting. But mostly, she’s just stupid.

Her love interest will only see her at night (not vampire weird, because she first saw him during the day), nor will he meet her friends or introduce her to any of his. He speaks weirdly. None of this occurs to Evie as odd. Nor his mood swings or lack of real information about himself. After a few weeks of rendevous’, she decides she’s in love with him. And even when she realises, finally, that something is not all right, she decides love – not knowledge and understanding – triumps all.

There were a lot of times I wanted to slap Evie. In fact, a couple times I nodded in agreement when the school bully said things about her, or did childish things to piss Evie off.

However, the storyline was pretty interesting, and it kept me intrigued for the most part. The diary entries were needed, I guess, but often took away from the story and I found myself scanning over it. I liked how everything came together at the end and we learned who everyone is and what role they play.

Plus, I’m a huge sucker for forbidden love. Not just supernatural/human forbidden love. But enemies with dangerous secrets who fall in love despite the danger they could be to one another. The prospect of betrayal.

I give Immortal 3.5 out of 5. Shields writes in a fluid and easy narrative. Evie, though stupid, isn’t annoying to read about. I did like that she asked questions, but disliked that she didn’t bother to press for an answer. The setting was awesome too and very well describe.

I’d recommend to anyone who likes paranormal, boarding school dramas.

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2 thoughts on “‘Immortal’ review

  1. Lol! Wanting to reach in and slap a character means the author's done a good job of connecting you to the character and plot, even though you aren't happy with the outcome. Great review.


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