‘Paranormalcy’ review

Paranormalcy (Paranormalcy, #1)Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There aren’t a lot of books that can make me sit there, between reads, and think how amazing the book has been so far. To the point where I’m anxious thinking about picking it up again. Though, it didn’t do much for my own writing confidence!!

White does an amazing job bringing a slightly saturated genre some light. She gives us something so refreshing and so bright that I feel happy just having read the book. It gives me faith in the paranormal genre. An original concept can be executed well! It’s possible!

Evie is a bubbly, sweet character, who makes bad choices sometimes but who is not stupid. She is brave, and young, and desperate to be normal and do normal things. I spent most of my time being split between feeling sorry for her, or being entralled by her kick-ass personality, coated in girly pinkness.

Reth – where do I start. He was literally the creepiest thing alive. When he was first described, I pictured a tree. I don’t know why. Like a tree person. And I couldn’t shake the image. That coupled with his sleezy words and bad motives made him one of my favourite hated characters of all time.

Lend, at first, wasn’t my idea of a love interest. All the face switching confused me and I couldn’t quite get a grip on him. And then he came into his own and I started to see him how Evie did. He was sweet, but I wished he had more depth and more flaws.

I was really pleased with the huge array of supernatural creatures in this novel. Vampires, werewovles, fairies, nymphs, mermaids, hags, trolls etc. So many to choose from. But I also wished we’d go to spend more time with the creatures we’re not so familiar with. Like the nymphs for instance. I felt like a lot of explanation was left out with the excuse of Evie being clueless to it herself. I just don’t picture an amazing character like Evie’s not learning about the creature’s she’s tagging.

The whole aspect of tagging supernaturals was fascinating, and I loved that she lived in this little underground facility. I also loved the added extras, like the corpse glamoured vampires, and the ankle bracelets and computer whizz mermaid.

All in all, there was a lot of fun in this book, but it was also mixed with some serious situations. I wished that Reth’s creepy ways had been taken more seriously with the adults (er, stalking and perving anyone?), but that’s just me. Evie is a likeable character with believable motives. Towards the end, the pace slows down, but it sure does pick up for a bang of a finale. Bravo, White, bravo!

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5 thoughts on “‘Paranormalcy’ review

  1. Just stumbled on your blog- very nice review. I need to read Paranormalcy (although I did read the available electronic pages).

    I hope it didn't hurt your writing confidence too much- I read your synopsis of 'My Heart Be Damned' and it sounds very cool. I would love to be reading it soon!


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