‘Delirium’ Review

DeliriumDelirium by Lauren Oliver

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


First word that pops into my head. I’m already a huge fan of Oliver’s having read and loved Before I Fall. And I am fully aware that she can think of awesome plots within a pretty contemporary setting.

This didn’t disappoint. We are introduced to a new world, and where sometimes this can lead to a lot of telling to inform us of all the changes, Oliver does it in a way that is interesting. For example, the extracts from text books at the beginning of each chapter, or through conversations held, and even through memories. It also helps that particular characters remember how it was and are able to explain it to the MC and to us.

Lena was a complicated character. At times I loved her. At times I wanted to reach in and shake her hard. But that’s the definition of a good character. One that makes me feel. Lena was smart and emotional and scared, but then also brave. She was fighter at the end when at the beginning she pushed all thoughts of resitance aside and nodded and agreed.

Her best friend, Hana, has to be one of the best supporting characters I have read about in a LONG time. It is so refreshing to read about a best friend without jealousy issues or who is secretly bitchy. Although, at the beginning, I thought Hana would have a more interesting role in the story than she did. I thought she had her own secrets.

Alex as a love interest was great. Swoon worthy, strong, brave, but vulnerable. I literally adored everything about him.

At first, the plot moves slow. But it has to, in order to make us understand. But then when it becomes this amazing love story filled with secrets meetings, and whispered words of affection. And then when it got down to the action, wow, was it breath holding worthy. I couldn’t stop reading. I NEEDED to know what happened. And while it wasn’t the best ending for me personally, it was still a great one.

There weren’t too many negatives to this book, but there were a few. In one scene (and stuff like this bugs me) Lena took her shoes off to go on the sand, but then a few lines down, she was running in the sea and her shoes were soaked! Another negative was that she was ALWAYS describing the distance of things in feet. I didn’t want to know exactly how far something was all of the time. My last negative was that sometimes a big scene would end and then the next chapter would start days later. I felt like a lot of character building scenes were missed in favour of a lower word count.

All in all, a great book. Five stars for sure. I’d recommend to anyone who wants a good love story with a very original plot.

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2 thoughts on “‘Delirium’ Review

  1. Great review.

    This book is soooo bittersweet for me. I can't wait to read it but I know I'll be really saddened when I do lol. The premise of the book is Identical to one of my wip ideas and knowing such talented writer did such a wonderful job makes me even sadder 😦

    aw well. Another to the tbr pile 🙂


  2. I loved this book, too. I did think that there were a few shortcomings, but I read an ARC and think that the mistakes will all be polished up for the final draft. If not, it's still a beautiful story. And, I hear that there are going to be two more in this series. I didn't even know that it was a series book when I started it!

    Love Lauren Oliver!


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