‘Afterlife’ review

Afterlife (Evernight, #4)Afterlife by Claudia Gray

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Having read this after reading Delirium, it gave Afterlife quite an unfair disadvantage. The writing in Delirium was on another world in comparison to this. Not to say the writing was bad in Afterlife, just not as good as Delirium.

The book starts off where Hourglass finishes. Bianca faces the tough choice of whether to let Lucas rise as a vampire, knowing he hates them, or letting him die for good. The novel takes us back to Evernight academy, which I was quite a fan of. Hourglass was my least favourite from the series, and I think that was due to it being set away from the school. The school full of vampires was one of the highlights of the novel for me, and I think it was a huge risk to take it away from there. For me, the risk didn’t pay off, which is why I’m glad that we got to go back to Evernight.

Bianca seemed different in this book. Annoying, almost. She would get annoyed when other people would help Lucas because it wasn’t her being the one to help him. It was as if she almost didn’t want him to get better so he could rely on her for everything. She kept taking her frustrations out on Balthazer, and often my favourite scenes were when he snapped back at her.

One of my main issues with this book was how easy everything seemed to be. Lucas didn’t kill any humans to satisfy his bloodlust, Bianca saving the day time and time again. She even came to terms with being a wraith very easily. The fact that she still had a body, still had her friends and family was a little much to bare. Her main concern was that she couldn’t have sex with Lucas! It was another reason why I disliked Bianca in this book. She was selfish, childish, stupid. I can’t get over how much of a happy ending everyone got.

Mrs Bethany was one of my favourite characters in this book. Probably because she seemed like the only 3 dimensional character there. The introduction of Skye was a good one. In a way, I wanted Lucas to be with her rather than Bianca. I don’t know how this book changed my opinion on her so much. We spent a lot of scenes with Bianca as she floated around the school whining in her mind and flitting from liking being a wraith to being confused about it.

All in all, it was an interesting read. I wasn’t really bored while reading it, but I wasn’t excited about getting back to it if I had to stop reading for whatever reason. Though I preferred this over Hourglass, it wasn’t by much. When I think of the Evernight series, I’ll stick to thinking about the first two books because it went downhill from there.

3.5 stars.

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