‘You’ review

YouYou by Charles Benoit

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is usually not my kind of book, but after the positive hype it received, I knew I had to read it and form an opinion for myself.

The narration is told in 2nd person, which save ‘Stolen’ which refers to her kidnapper as you but is told in 1st, I had never read before. At first, the narration jarred me, but as I read further and further, I enjoyed it and I couldn’t imagine the book being told in any other way.

However, the narration was very basic and very bland. There was barely any description other than what needed to be said. The thing I enjoyed most about YOU was how well Benoit managed to get his characters across. This was where he excelled. I could picture the character’s exact positions, stances, facial expressions – just not what was around them. The dialogue, especially that of Ashley, was realistic and entertaining.

Zack had to be my favourite character of all time. He was well done because he didn’t fall into any one stereotype. He was who he was. I would like to have known why he still had friends, girlfriends, even though he treated them badly. But that’s a personal preference.

I wouldn’t call this book emotional or gutwrenching or any of the other words plastered all over the front cover. To me, it was kinda sad, but I actually wasn’t all that invested in Kyle to care about what happened to him. Which maybe because of the narration style. I also found the ending to be rushed leaving me having to reread and make sure I hadn’t missed something.

Last of all, I did appreciate how honest Benoit was when creating Kyle. He wasn’t afraid to say something in fear it might offend people. But if you want a realistic book, sometimes characters will say things that are offensive to a specific person.

I give this a four out of five because it was short but sweet and I did enjoy it.

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4 thoughts on “‘You’ review

  1. I was hoping someone would review this book. I picked it up and flipped through it and gave it to one of my kids at work to read it, but haven't heard back yet. The 2nd person thing is so interesting but I wasn't sure how it would work over the long haul. Thanks for the review.


  2. Thanks for the review.

    I personally haven't heard much about this book, but then again it really isn't the sort of book I tend to gravitate towards. However, 2nd person narration sounds rather interesting.


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