‘Here Lies Bridget’ review

Here Lies BridgetHere Lies Bridget by Paige Harbison

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Here Lies Bridget is a concept that’s been done time and time again. The horrible person gets to look at the way they’ve treated people from a third person perspective and gets the chance to apologise and make things right.

So you may wonder why I gave Here Lies Bridget four stars. Because there is something so incredibly raw and honest in this book that I couldn’t help but not rate it highly.

Bridget is nasty. She’s really mean and selfish and insecure. Her insecurities mean that she puts people down so that she can feel better, and she thinks that being popular means being horrible to people so they don’t question or disrespect her. This even includes teachers and her step-mother.

I did enjoy wondering through Bridget’s life as things began to go wrong for her. It really showed her insecure side and allowed us to see the depths she was willing to go to just to keep her popularity. Though she was nasty, she was interesting to read about and quite entertaining in a ‘I can’t believe you’ kind of way. A lot of the time I wanted to reach into the book and slap her.

The feelings she had towards her ex were sweet and about the only real thing Bridget could admit. He finished with her, and not over it, she spends a lot of time pining over him from afar. His character seems very sweet and protective. I wish we’d spent more time with him.

Watching Bridget go back and look at certain situations in a new light was both refreshing and frustrating. The problem you have with repeating scenes is it can tend to be a little boring. You’ve already read it once. Having to read it again can be a chore.

I think the ending was a little rushed. Once she apologised to certain people, it was pretty much over. I think that Harbison should have taken more time to really develop how Bridget was feeling during that time. It was all very ‘I’m sorry for the way I’m acting. Bye’. Though the time frame was short, it still could have further been explored. My main interest was seeing how others would react to the new found Bridget, but we didn’t get to see it.

So overall, I give it four stars. The characters were fun, if not a little overdone. The setting was realistic, and the main character did learn a big lesson – one we followed her with. Bridget’s voice was loud and clear in my head. Just one thing, though: Modern book but what’s with the really old names? Bridget? Jillian? Michelle?

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