‘Torment’ review

Torment (Fallen, #2)Torment by Lauren Kate

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Fallen, the first book, because in my opinion I felt like nothing really actually happened in the book. When I think back to it, there are only a very few amount of scenes I remember. The fire, Luce’s first day at Sword & Cross and I remembered Penn dying but not how she died. I’d forgotten the world that Kate had set up for her series, and I barely remembered character names.

Torment was much better. The setting was an incredible improvement and we actually got to see Luce leave campus! Though it started off slow, like I suspected it would, it definitely got better. I actually began to like Luce in this book, when I remember distinctly not liking her in Fallen. The secondary characters were also better. It wasn’t so ‘coincedental’ that so many angelic/demonic creatures were in one place because this was actually explained. Shelby was my favourite. She had depth, she had flaws, she was definitely well rounded. I enjoyed reading scenes she was in. I think I liked her because she was so filled with flaws. Miles was…nice. That’s all I really have on him. Sweet, but he didn’t do anything for me as the second point in a love triangle.

Having said that, Daniel, though swoon-worthy as before, was REALLY annoying in this book. I can’t tell you how irritating it is to read about these ancient characters stuck as teens who make the same stupid, dumb mistakes time in and time out. The ones that keep secrets and lie and then feel sorry for themselves when it goes wrong. Another thing about Daniel – though we’re seeing a less selfish side of him, he is actually amazingly selfish because though he knows what will happen, he’s willing to kiss Luce every single time and kill her. Come on? You’re telling me after like thousands of years you still can’t control your hormones? It’s not believeable.

Another thing that wasn’t realistic was Shelby/Daniel. Shelby is, what, seventeen? (unless I missed something) When would this supposed side plot have had a chance to take place? It was raised and then dropped almost instantly. So I’m really hoping it’ll be touched upon in book three.

The end fight scene was a cop out. No one on the right side got hurt. I did like how the secrets began to unveil, though, I only wish it was more of a realistic battle. The ‘right’ side have no weapons but still manage to prevail against an army with crossbows? Okay. Sure.

Kate has a way of writing that really sucks you in. She portrays emotion and setting very clearly to the point where you feel as if you’re in the book alongside the characters. I could picture everything clearly in my head. Noteably, the scenes where they go to Las Vegas. I thought that was very well done, except that, once again, it raised another side plot that was dropped. I only hope it means something later on.

This second book definitely saved the series in my mind. I’ll be buying the next book (this I read through a book tour). Aside from a few nifty coincedences and a few unrealistic/dropped side plots, this book was actually very enjoyable and I found myself enthralled with the world that Kate had created this time around. Definitely way better than the first. I’d recommend it to anyone who had read the first and was in two minds about reading the second. It’ll surprise you.

Sidenote: Beautiful cover, as before, but why do they keep potraying Luce with long hair when, since the beginning of the series, it’s been short? Just something that’s bugged me haha.

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3 thoughts on “‘Torment’ review

  1. I agree that the covers are gorgeous, although I'm not really a fan of the cover for Passion. It looks too… cartoonish.

    I think your review was great- very well written and thought out, although I don't agree with you… I actually feel the exact opposite! I liked Fallen pretty well, (didn't love, but liked) although I agree that it does feel like not a lot happened, but I did not like Torment. I don't even know if I'll continue the series, because the issues I had with Torment were so big.


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