‘Angel’ review

Angel (Angel Trilogy, #1)Angel by L.A. Weatherly

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

For some reason I put off reading this book for a while. Like a part of me was sure I wouldn’t like it, and it became like a last resort book. But then my book addiction made it so that it was never last, and in the end I just picked it up and began reading.

From the beginning, I liked Willow. She’s a girl who knows she’s different but doesn’t care. She has a dysfunctional family with a strong sense of responsibility. And what I liked the most about her was that even when she fell in love, she never forgot about the sacrifices she would have to make and she constantly put that first. She continued to think about her mother and her (not very good) friend, where in a lot of books once the MC falls in love, they forget about their families in favour of Mr. Tall, dark and handsome.

Alex was definitely swoon-worthy. I’m a fan of hot/cold starting relationships, where there’s this game both parties are playing without realising the other is playing too. Watching the two interact and assessing each other’s movements and words was really fun to read. The chemistry leading up to their final admission of interest was smoldering. However, once the two actually got together, I found the chemistry wore off a little bit.

Angel had a very original and enthralling storyline. Everyone is complaining about the sheer amount of angel books on the market right now, but every angel book I have read recently has been very different. With the exception of wings, nothing has been the same. So I think we’re actually okay with angel plots so far. What was best about Angel was that in this story, the angels weren’t the good guys. I loved how the plots linked into each other (that the angels would use Alex to get rid of their enemies without him realising). I loved how Willow was half angel and what she could do. I would have loved to see her use her psyhic powers a little more, though.

For example, the beginning of the story was very different to the end. Obviously, I bet you’re thinking, but I’m talking in terms of atmosphere and tension. The beginning, Willow is an independant, strong girl who helps people with this gift she has but doesn’t understand. Towards the end, you forget she even has this gift because all she can think about is Alex. Which was sweet to read, but I was hoping we’d get to see more HER by herself, not her with Alex or her with the angels.

One other thing that bothered me was the narration style. Willow’s narration was first person. Great, fine. But then everyone else’s was third. Why not make it all third or all first? It confused me to no end when it would jump from first to third. I also could have done without Jonah’s narrative or any of the other angels. In fact, it would have given some mystery to the plot without their scenes.

All in all, a very interesting read. I was never bored, even when Alex and Willow were just together. I loved watching their relationship blossom (even if they did use the L word very quickly). The bad guys weren’t stereoytpes, and there was a great adventure that gave the readers a clear indication of the character’s personalities. I’m glad I picked this up and will definitely be reading the rest!

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