‘Die For Me’ review

Die for Me (Revenants, #1)Die for Me by Amy Plum

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I went into this book not really knowing what to expect. I’d read the blurb of the book a few weeks before actually reading it and then couldn’t remember what the book was actually about. I went in with a completely open mind.

At first, I’ll admit, I was a little bored. We’re dropped into the mind of a girl who has just lost both her parents. She’s depressed – rightly so – and confused, and withdrawn from life. Having been left orphaned, her and her sister relocate to France to stay with their lax and almost perfect grandparents. Grandparents who are so unwillingly to discipline that they allow one granddaughter out at all hours of the night in a foreign country with people she’s only just met and the other granddaughter to stay over at a house full of men without questioning it at all.

Kate is an interesting character herself. At first, she was boring to read about because all we were faced with was negative emotions. But they weren’t intense enough to make me feel any kind of sympathy for her. I also didn’t like how uninterested she was in making friends. She just isn’t my type of person at all. She started a new school and basically held her nose up at everyone else in favour of her own company. She even ignored her sister’s pleas for her to come out and have fun with her newfound friends. Until, of course, Kate meets a guy and he becomes everything to her. And his friends become her friends.

Vincent was also a strange character. I liked him as far as love interests go. He didn’t have my pulse racing in a lot of scenes with his supreme hotness, but there were a couple times he’d do or say something that would be swoon-worthy. What was strange about Vincent was that when we’re first introduced to him he seemed a lot younger and light-hearted. I’m unsure whether this was to try and throw the readers off from his secret or whether it was unintentional. But as the story progresses, his language becomes a lot older, and he seems very old for his age (19). Obviously, we’re then told he’s actually in his eighties, but Plum’s way around the ‘eek’ factor of a eighty year old being interested in a sixteen year old is that their mentality stays the same as whatever age they happen to be.

I have to admit, the idea of Revenants was very interesting. People who die protecting someone are given the ability of coming back as an immortal who can die and come back to life again and again and again. With the added glitch that they don’t sleep and once a month they are literally dead bodies for 3 days. They can age but once they die, they restart at the age they were when they originally died. All intriguing and unique stuff. Like zombies…only sexier.

The story focuses on Katie and Vincent and their budding relationship. There are a lot of things about this to admire. The fact that they actually go on dates before realising they have feelings for each other. That they meet outside of school environment. They don’t declare that they love each other after 2 days. Katie freaks out about Vincent’s weird behaviour before she completely finds out what he is, and she avoids him. She doesn’t pretend like she isn’t creeped out by his behaviour. And when the thought of him dying again and again brings back painful memories of her parents death, she breaks up with him for her own benefit. It’s refreshing to see a heroine make decisions for her own emotional gain.

Like I say in a lot of my reviews, I like stories where there are lots of different settings. I didn’t get a real feel of France from this story, not like how I did with Anna and the French Kiss, but it was still nice reading about the different sights and locations. Like the quaint coffee shops and rivers. And vespas!! I so want one.

The plot was basic (girl meets paranormal boy and they date only to be dragged into his world and be put in danger because of a supernatural feud), but it was very enjoyable to read about. The characters were interesting and non-stereotypical, and the language current but not slangy. Yet another story filled with beautiful people who sometimes don’t know it (coughs*Kate*coughs), but I did very much enjoy the writing and the description. Learning about a new paranormal is always good and there was lots of adventure and mystery to keep me intrigued. I recommend to paranormal lovers out there everywhere.

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