‘Fury’ review

Fury (Fury, #1)Fury by Elizabeth Miles

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

So this was not at all what I expected. While I wasn’t sure what to expect – the description explains just enough without being vague but not enough for you to know what’s going to happen – it certainly wasn’t what I thought I would get. And wow was I surprised.

We are introduced to Em and Chase – our two Fury victims (though they don’t know it yet) and the two narrators through alternating chapters. Em is crushing on her best friend’s boyfriend, and the thing about Miles’ writing and Em’s character is that though you know it’s wrong, that Em is wrong, you can’t help but want Em to succeed and get what she wants. And then we have Chase who, up until the last of his chapters, we don’t actually know what he did wrong.

The characters were well developed and I can definitely call this a character driven novel rather than plot based. While creepy things would happen in far intervals throughout the beginning and middle of the story, nothing paranormal or Fury related really began to happen until the end. So the readers are left following Em and Chase as they make mistakes or pay for the mistakes. And I wasn’t bored one bit. Partly because of Miles’ fantastic writing which was concise and wonderfully crafted and partly because of the array of characters she created. Em and Chase are so completely different. Em is smart, plain but still beautiful, a little childish sometimes, and determined. Her friendship with Gabby is refreshingly real and you can’t help but feel Em’s pain as she realises her feelings for Zach are wrong. Then you have Chase who is a perfectionist. There is no margin for error. He’s trusting – too trusting, and handsome, and emotional. He’s the poor one in his group of friends and they all know it. He can’t afford to screw up too.

The Furies themselves are wickedly enthralling. Creepy but beautiful. Evil yet good. They are characters in themselves and not just the bad supernatural guy. I would love, if there was another book in the series, to find out more about them. Watching as Em and Chase both react to them is weirdly interesting. Especially with Chase who isn’t sure of what is happening like Em is.

The only things I didn’t like was that Em was only really sorry when she was caught and when she realises the Furies were after her. She only realised how wrong her actions were when something bigger was at stake. It felt a little hard towards the end to feel sorry for her. Which is strange because during the beginning and middle, as readers we are rooting for Em to get what she desires.

The other thing was the goth girl who seemed to hold all the answers. I’m not one who instantly dislikes characters getting help from other characters, but it needs to be somewhat realistic. IF there is a sequel, Drea’s involvement needs to be explained in a more elaborate manner because something was hinted at but not explored. Right now, her involvement was very convenient.

I give this 4.5 stars out of 5, but it was very close to a 5. I recommend to people who enjoy a creepy tale set in a cold, snowy backdrop with well developed characters. I thoroughly enjoyed this.

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