‘Wildefire’ review

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was given this book to review by S&S and after reading the blurb, I was definitely excited. I had loads of books in the queue to read before it, but I couldn’t ignore the pull this book had on me. I picked it up.

It starts with action and it ends in action too. Although I found the beginning to be a little rushed in the introduction of main characters and in the setting of the novel and start of the plot, there were parts of the beginning I loved a lot. Ashline is a very fiery and sometimes aggressive character. Sarcastic, confident, sassy. She’s a firecracker to read about. There were times when I found her a little too aggressive. It left me unable to connect with Ash as instead of using her brain, she would use violence.

Some of the secondary characters were well developed too, but others – not so much. I enjoyed any scene with Rolfe in it, and actually, any scene with Eve. It was remarkably intriguing to watch the interactions between the two sisters, who – despite Ash’s claims – are not so different. Sure, Eve is a little crazy and a little…murderous, but she has layers to her. She isn’t the typical bad guy and she sees what she wants to see. And predominately, that’s the respect and love of her little sister.

Ash’s human friends I felt deserved more time and explanation. They were very 2D for me, and I felt only put into the novel to give Ash some normal outside of the supernatural. But Jackie, in particular, while was an enjoyable character to read about, we didn’t know much about her and her personality wasn’t very fleshed out throughout the duration of this novel. Their male friend also seemed to just be a driver.

The romance between Ash and Colt was great. I enjoyed reading it and watching as the intensity between the two of them blossomed. He was very mysterious and because the book only took place over two weeks, we didn’t get to learn much about him, but what we did learn was done in a realistic way and just like when two people date, parts of Colt’s character and history came out piece by piece.

Sometimes a lot of suspension of belief was required for this novel. For example, Eve seemed to know what Ashline was and a lot about their history, but Ash never once thought to ask her? Also, you discover you have an ability and you don’t try to see what you can do with it? You just wait and see what happens even though the whole book has shown you to be a proactive character. Not to mention the sheer lack of questions that were asked overall.

All in all, I found this quite an enjoyable read. The beginning didn’t pull me in as much as I’d hoped, but the middle and ending sure did. The chapters go by days, so often they can be very long. There was always something interesting happening and I have no doubt that with the killer cliff hanger we’re left with at the end of the novel, we’re in for a treat come the next book.

4 stars. In the next book I hope for more adventure and more scenes in which Ash hones in on her powers.


5 thoughts on “‘Wildefire’ review

  1. I'm reading this one now and not really loving it. The characters aren't very fleshed out, except for Colt, Ashline, and Eve. (I like Eve, too 🙂 All in all, I agree it's an enjoyable read but not a stand-out one for me. Great review.


  2. I'm so on the fence about this one. Every time I think about it I think the cook book could be anywhere between 3-5 stars. I feel the plot was very lacking but the characters were awesome so it made up for it slightly. I can't decide yet if Karsten is brilliant or just didn't include all of the plot elements that make a story complete.

    Thanks for the great review.


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