‘The Hidden’ review

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So, the last in quite an amazing series. I was very lucky to score an ARC of this because I’ve been a fan from the very beginning. I do always wonder why this book doesn’t get more buzz, because actually, I think it’s quite a haunting paranormal love story. One that not is is written well, but written realistically.

This book doesn’t fail to deliver in a pretty consistently done series. I never once thought WTF about anything the characters did, or any plot points the story took. The last in the series was a long book, but I got through it quickly and never once did it drag.

Abby has a lot of thinking to do. She knows she’s going to die soon; the Revenants in town are proof of that. And she can either choose to move on, or she can complete her ghost boyfriend, Caspian, whose death day is rapidly nearing – the one day of the year they can touch. What seems like an easy choice soon becomes harder when Abby realises what she’s leaving behind. And there’s someone who really doesn’t want Abby dead either – but for all the wrong reasons.

Abby remains a likeable character. Realistic in the sense that she is far from perfect. She can be a little self centred with tunnel vision. If it’s not in Abby world, it doesn’t exist. Her parents happiness, for example, is not in Abby world. Nor is trying to make friends. If it happens, it happens. But all Abby wants to do is be with Caspian. Which is fair enough because when you’re in love, that is all you want to do. However, Abby is also endearing, innocent yet interesting. Friendly but wary. And stubborn – in a good way. I like that she doesn’t just let people tell her what to do. She’ll hear the argument and then she’ll make up her own mind about it. Easily swayed characters are not good readable character, in my opinion. You want to see a bit of fight. And Abby definitely fights.

To be honest, I wasn’t too happy with the ending, though I could see it coming. It felt like another one of those things where, though everything seemed to go against what Abby wanted, she ended up getting it anyway, and there wasn’t much of a fight for it. In one scene, the problem was resolved and there was a semi happy ending. I did and didn’t like how it happened – in terms of the time wind- but I can’t quite decide which I side I’m on.

The supporting characters were great, and when they were around Abby, they all really shone. Ben, for example, lit up the pages with his personality and his sayings. In fact, Verday did a great job in creating realistic and teen likely dialogue with timeless phrases and yet you could tell that teens were speaking. Their slightly dramatic, flirty speech. It was great. I wish we’d have seen more of her friends, but what we did see was great.

In fact, I wish we’d have seen more of Abby doing normal things so that when the decision came, it was that much harder. Then again, her interactions with Caspian were beautiful and true. Their day together when they could touch was done wonderfully.

All in all a great end to the series. I recommend to anyone looking for a good ghost, love story. Haunting, beautiful, real. 4 stars.


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