‘Cold Kiss’ review

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Cold Kiss wasn’t what I expected. Probably more in a bad way than a good way. Firstly, this was more of a contemporary with a hint of paranormal to explain the plot being possible. I think I may have enjoyed this book more if it was more plot based and not character based. It follows Wren, a weird girl I couldn’t quite ever picture, but somehow she manages to score the love of two seemingly great guys. She is a determined character, responsible and guilt ridden. She stands up for herself, tries to do whats best, though mostly it’s whats best for her, and even without the powers, is still powerful.

The book starts after the main incident. Danny is…well not alive, but talking, kissing, loving her. We do learn how she brings him back, but not until half way through the book. Straight away we see how bad things are. He’s clingy and obviously in hiding because he didn’t come back right and people can’t know how he came back anyway. So he’s Wren’s dirty little secret. He feels dead. He is dead. And she goes to him out of obligation rather than want. And throughout the duration of the book, Danny becomes less and less likeable and us as the readers get to a stage where we want him to be dead again, and not because it’s the right thing, but because Wren moves on with someone else. She can’t fully be with this new guy because of her dead boyfriend who is starting to remember that Wren isn’t the bee all and end all of his existence and that he has family and is…oh…dead!

I must hand it to Wren as a character, she makes some pretty selfish, stupid mistakes, but she is determined to fix them. Starting with avoiding her friends because she’s been so busy pretending Danny is normal. She attempts at reconnecting with them, but mainly because she misses them. Not because it might be what they need. And then when Danny starts to get worse and worse, she is the one to fix it. She doesn’t try to get her witch family to do it for her. In fact, they don’t know.

I have to say that my favourite parts of the book were when magic was used/mentioned/explained. I thought it was pretty interesting and it definitely added some kind of excitement to an otherwise docile plot. Things started to get better at the end, with the Danny situation, but I felt that things just came very easily to Wren. She just happened to know a spell. She just happened to control him. She just happened to fall for a guy who had family that could advise her. At the end, where she finally sets things right, I wanted to be crying my eyes out, wanted to feel SOMETHING. But I felt nothing. There was no emotional reveal. No serious revelation and understanding.

The writing was done well. The dialogue was particularly realistic. I felt as though these characters were as real as you and I, which is definitely a good thing. The way that Garvey weaves in character backstory and history was done artistically. That needs to be commended. I only wish that we didn’t spend so much time in Wren’s head while she whined and complained about things she was to blame for. I guess I wanted more excitement, more something. And it fell a little flat in that regard. But I did want to keep reading, and it kept my attention. So I did enjoy it, just not as much as I wanted to.


3 thoughts on “‘Cold Kiss’ review

  1. I haven't heard of this one. For some reason while reading this I was thinking of a Buffy episode where someone comes back from the dead (all zombie-like). Ha! Hope he wasn't “that” dead. 🙂 Sounds like there were some things to like in this though; I'll go read a few more reviews before deciding to put it on my list.



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