‘A Beautiful Dark’ review

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m pleasantly surprised by this book. I guess I didn’t expect it to be a paranormal. I thought dystopian for some reason, and then I read the blurb and realised it was definitely a paranormal, which both disappointed and interested me. I wasn’t too hooked to the beginning. I wanted more depth out of the characters but instead they were pretty 2D, doing things only to have more excitement in the plot. However, the book began to get to a point about 2/5s of the way in where I couldn’t put it down.

Skye is a character I can’t decide if I like or not. On the one hand, she’s described as being quite controlled and sensible. But there were often times when she wasn’t controlled and she did silly things. She gave up quite easily, which doesn’t make sense if she’s supposed to be this hard working, smart girl. Straight As rarely come with ease, but the minute she’s got to really try at finding what she’s capable of doing, she quits. A lot. Not to mention her disregard of her friends, of Ian’s feelings, of anything not directly involving her. She knows she has a choice to make, but she often runs away and avoids the problem instead of meeting it head on. She knows she can’t string along two opposing guys, but she does anyway. Skye is selfish. But her flaws are positive in a way because at least she’s realistic. She’s also brave and naive and stands up for herself.

The plot itself is slight predictable. I knew which, of the two, Skye would end up with. Or, not end up with I guess, but who she would lean towards. Though there were times I questioned by decision. I was right, though. I enjoyed that the book was told in a great array of different scenes and locations. I really enjoyed Skye’s talent for skiing, and the school trip. There aren’t enough school trips in books! I also enjoyed that though this was about angels, it didn’t feel like anything I’d read before. I liked the whole light vs dark, and which do you choose. Skye definitely had a hard choice.

The dialogue was witty and realistic of teens, but not easily dated. So if a teenager read this in five years or so, I don’t think they would think the book read ‘old’. The writing was great; it kept me intrigued the whole time. Davies knows how to tell a story. I was sucked in, and the scenery of Colorado really helped create a beautiful backdrop. I would love to be able to ski! And also Asher is a great love interest! He was definitely my favourite of the two.

The ending was a little rushed, but I’m finding this a common denominator in a lot of YA books recently. A lot of information is thrown at you and you’re barely given time to digest because you’re surrounded by action and then blam, the book is done. And wow does this book end with a bang! I will definitely be picking up the sequel because even though there were a few niggly things that bothered me, mostly I really enjoyed reading. The narrative is easy and nice to read. The characters don’t make me want to bang my head against my wall, and there’s action spread nicely throughout. I’d recommend to lovers of paranormal romance.


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