‘One Hundred Candles’ review

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Baring in mind it has been a while since I read the last one, but I think I enjoyed this book better than the first.

Charlotte’s family are like those people on reality shows that go to haunted houses. But instead of try to prove there are ghosts, they try to prove there aren’t. That hauntings are actually residual energy rather than spirits. But in this novel, not only does Charlotte have to deal with hauntings she suspects are fake but isn’t sure, she has family problems, a new romance, and something not a ghost or not a demon that wants revenge on her for crossing over in the last novel.

Charlotte remains a likeable main character. She’s interesting, has hobbies outside of what her parents do, tries to be a good friend and also appreciates her family. She doesn’t moan and complain about them all the time like teenagers in a lot of other YA books do. When her parents start to go through a rough patch, Charlotte’s reactions are very believable and heartfelt. I definitely felt for her. But, Charlotte was pretty stupid. Something would happen and instead of thinking about it, she would pretty much have that ‘huh, that’s strange’ reaction and move on. There were SO many clues, so many times she could have changed the path her life too, if only she’d stopped and thought about it. In that sense, she was pretty selfish. She was only worried about her family staying together – not really because it was what her parents needed, but because she didn’t want them to be apart. She complained and whined about her sister who was busy at college trying to get on with her own life instead of being at Charlotte’s beck and call. And she was a lazy friend. Though, to be fair, the reasonings behind Charlotte’s selfishness were pretty understandable.

I liked the secondary plot points in this novel. It wasn’t all about the demon/ghost/watcher thingy. Like a normal, realistic teenager, Charlotte had other things to deal with. Family problems and relationship dramas. She actually had some semblance of a normal life, and I enjoyed how she managed it, even if she was unbelievably naive. The end scenes with that watcher thing were creepy too, and the direction the story took for our characters was heartbreaking and, I felt, necessary. Not everyone comes out of battles without scars, you know?

Anyway, I give this a 4/5 stars. I very much enjoyed and I recommend to people who want a lighthearted, easy ghost read!


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