‘Original Sin’ review

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ve had this book sitting on my shelves for a little while, and though I knew I should review it (thank you TOR once again!), there was something holding me back. I’d come across a book that caught my attention more. Or a book that was time sensitive. But I finally picked up Original Sin, and at first, I was disappointed. The three narrators were a little jarring to read, going from single narrators in every other book I’ve read recently. Especially as one of the narrators is new – Frannie’s brother. Whenever we were in his POV, I wanted to skip forward. I disliked him, and because I disliked him, I disliked the book.

But then we got about a third of the way in, and I was hooked. The pacing was a bit off at times. Sometimes it would be very slow, fast, super fast, and then slow again. It felt like three books squashed into one huge book too. But I was still very invested in Frannie and Luc’s relationship. And I very much enjoyed the added drama of Lili. She was a good character because I fell for her personality too. Desrochers did a great job with her.

One thing I did not understand was Taylor. She was awful. A horrid, disgusting excuse of a character. TBH, I don’t think she was as developed as she should have been. I, not for one second, cared whether she lived or died. I didn’t feel Frannie’s need to save her. I didn’t want her to be saved. In fact, she pretty much got what she deserved. Which meant that often, I didn’t quite get Frannie’s motivations. Obviously she wanted to save her friend, but it didn’t feel to me that Taylor was much of a friend to begin with. The girl was nasty to Lili for no reason and then would purposely not invite Frannie out because she wanted all the men for herself. There were no redeeming qualities to Taylor whatsoever.

I’m happy to admit that Luc is still as hot as in the first book. And there were some smouldering scenes between him and Frannie. He, for me, is the best thing out of this series.

All in all, I think the novel was interesting and I liked how deep it got into the characters emotions. Nothing came easy for these characters, which I was glad for. I rate it 4 stars out of 5. Check out Original Sin on Amazon if you’re interested in buying.


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