‘He’s So Not Worth It’ review

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Not nearly as good as the first book and I’m a little disappointed.

After a whole book of developing feelings, a will they/won’t they relationship and lots of chemistry, we’re left in ‘She’s so dead to us’ with a cliffhanger. Ally has just found out that Jake knew where her missing father had been all along because the whole scene was videoed and played to her at a party. In this novel, it starts literally where the last novel left off. Ally’s pissed. Jake’s confused. And there’s a whole lot of drama…

Except there isn’t. Baring in mind it has been about a year and a whole lot of books since I read the first in the series, but I don’t remember it being so choppy in writing. One minute we’re with Ally on Monday. Then again on Wednesday and then with Jake on Sunday. Meanwhile, all this stuff goes down inbetween and we don’t get to see any of it! I don’t want one sentence that briefly explains what happened. It’s the scenes that are missed that are actually the best scenes. I’m wondering if this is lazy writing or whether the interesting scenes were sacrificed for other ones maybe slightly more important to the plot.

It felt like two books in one a lot of the time. Jake’s grounded at stuck in Orchard Hills. Ally’s down at the Shore acting like a complete bratty bitch and hooking up with this creepy dude. There’s like three times when Ally and Jake actually interact with one anothers chapters. The best part of this series is the relationship between Ally and Jake and we got none of that. Something was really missing from this book.

Having said that, I still enjoyed reading it. Scott’s writing is familiar, easy, visual and interesting. There was always something happening. Lots of teenage angst and family problems and of course, Crestie drama. I would have loved some development. Or maybe if the summer had come and gone and we didn’t have to suffer through a whole book of it. I feel as though the third book will be great, based on another killer cliffhanger, but the second was blah. I didn’t love it, didn’t hate it.

But I do enjoy the series as a whole so I rate 4 stars. Based on solid writing, realistic characters (although not necessarily likeable – Ally turned into this disgusting excuse of a girl who I wanted to throw down a giant man hole every time she spoke or thought or breathed and I still don’t understand why Jake loves her) and a great look into the dynamics between the rich and the not so rich. The random entries from Annie spying were hilarious and a great way of importing information to the story.

Check out He’s So Not Worth It on Amazon for yourself.


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