‘The Other Life’ review

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A gripping and remarkable debut set in a creepy and horrifying world.

The world has come down with a bad outbreak of rabies, a kind of virus that turns people infected into ‘Weepers’ – vicious, killing monsters. Since the virus first spread, people have been hauled up in bunkers. Sherry’s family have been in there’s for three years, but when the food runs out, Sherry and her father go on a hunt to find some, but what they find is far worse.

Sherry is a likeable character. She cares about people, struggles to kill the Weepers because they used to be human, but will protect those uninfected when she has to. She feels, but she doesn’t let her feelings get in the way. She knows what the bigger picture is and when her father is taken, she risks everything to get him back. I love the quirky day counts and conversions to minutes and seconds. It makes her narrative unique. And while she does fall for the boy helping her, of course, she doesn’t let her feelings for him get in the way.

I really liked Winnacker’s narrative. It was direct and to the point, but it didn’t lack in the description section either. I could picture everything clearly. The Weepers were described brilliantly, and were creepy as hell! It had a real I Am Legend feel to it. There were plenty of scenes filled with action. But on top of those, there were heart warming family scenes, romance scenes, flashbacks. And while the book didn’t end on a cliffhanger, it definitely gave an option for a sequel which there will be.

All in all I was very impressed. Once I started, I couldn’t stop reading. I recommend to anyone liking a zombie type feel to their novels in a post apocalyptic world. 5 stars. Check out The Weepers: The Other Life

on Amazon US or Other Life on Amazon UK.

3 thoughts on “‘The Other Life’ review

  1. Ah you got to read this one already? Lucky you! I have to wait till Feb but I do have it on pre-order so it should get here on the day of its release!

    Dystopian books with zombies have been a bit hit and miss for me (I HATED The Forest of Hands and Teeth but enjoyed The Reapers Are Angels) so I'm hoping this one will be a hit. It sounds awesome at any rate – your review just backs this up! – and I just can't wait to get my copy!


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