Movie Review: 17 Again

If there’s something else I had to choose to do instead of read, it’d be watch films/TV. So why not feature some of those reviews on my blog? First up we have…
17 Again!!
I know I’m a latecomer with this, but it was on TV the other day and I thought, why not watch it? See what it’s about. And you know what, I absolutely loved it. Like LOVED it. And here’s why.
Zac Efron. I’m not one of those girls who fawns over him. He’s cute, sure. A little too clean cut for me, but whatever. Anyway, he made this film. Thinking about some of the facial expressions he pulled during the movie is making me laugh even now as I type this. He played the character brilliantly.
The plot of the movie… Matt, a middle aged ex basketball star, is having a hard time not blaming his wife and kids for the life he never got to have. Going through a messy divorce, Matt is given the chance to relive his glory days again and be 17, but is there a lesson to be learned, and were the choices Matt thought were mistakes actually the right choices all along?
First and foremost, this was a romantic comedy. It had me crying with laughter and then crying with actual sadness. I wanted to jump in the screen and give Zac Efron a big old cuddle at times. It was hilarious/sweet to watch as he tried to form a relationship with his kids, but as their peer. He still saw them as his children, but had to go to class with them, watch as they fell in love and out of it.
And then there was the rekindling romance between Matt (or Mark as his 17 year old self is called) and his wife. Which, to everyone else, looks like a boy with a crush on his friend’s mother, but is actually a man falling back in love with the woman of his dreams. Beautiful.
The comedy itself stood out for me the most. Matt’s best and cooky friend, Ned. His infatuation with all things nerd and then his love for the head teacher of the high school. He was pretty hilarious.
The plot was a little predictable at times, but there was some stellar acting. You don’t often find that in teen centred movies. So bravo to the casting team. I recommend to anyone wanting to watch something light and funny on a Friday night with some pizza and popcorn?
Annnd Amazon UK are selling it for only £2.99! Amazon US are doing it for only $8.75. You better go get it!!

5 thoughts on “Movie Review: 17 Again

  1. Great review! I thought 17 Again was a fantastic movie too-way better than I thought it was going to be. Thanks for the tip on the cheap price at Amazon as well! Nice idea for a Christmas gift.


  2. Love, Love, LOVE this movie! I bought it for $2.99 when our local video store closed. After watching it, I thought, if I ever get my YA novel made into a movie, I want Zac for my main character. Well, seeing I'm not even pub'd yet & Zac is getting older, prob not gonna happen, but it's a nice daydream:)


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