‘Tempest’ review

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The problem with reading a book surrounded by a lot of buzz and praise is that you go in with high expectations. That’s exactly what happened when I started to read Tempest. I was excited, ecstatic even, to be given the opportunity to review it. I started it reading it about a week ago and it’s taken me until now to finish. Tempest was a book that both enthralled and frustrated me. And here’s why.

Jackson is a great male MC. I’m not too much of a male POV fan, unless it’s duel with a female, but Jackson was really easy and fun to read about. Most of the time, he acted like a male. It was refreshing to see that while he didn’t have a fantastic personality, he was pretty aware of it. However, sometimes I found he acted a little unrealistically – maybe to appear more likeable to the readers? I mean, he was incredibly selfless and brave. He didn’t seem to ever really struggle with anything and love was his main and first priority throughout. I was a bigger fan of his at the beginning of the book than I was at the end.

In fact, the beginning of the book, for me, was the best. Usually it’s the other way around – the middle to end is usually where books start finding their rhythm. Not here. When we’re introduced to Jackson – a time travelling nineteen year old who recites old English Literature and is very patient and understanding with his girlfriend – we’re also introduced to his best friend, Adam, and his girlfriend, Holly. I would love to have got to know Adam more. I thought he was a very interesting character. But everything was Holly, Holly, Holly and wow was she as dry as a bit of toast. I don’t think I could really name one redeeming, interesting personality trait about Holly. But so much of the book was centred around her.

The book stalled in the middle. I found it was kind of like walking through mud. A bit hard to get to, but you keep going because you need to read the other side. I had to know how this book ended, and actually, I’m still not sure how it ended. SO MUCH happened. In both good and bad ways. Lots of action and drama and information was thrown at you, and I’m having a hard time processing it all.

What this book wasn’t lacking was heart. It was sweet and emotional and dealt with loss and love and heartache. Jackson really did go through the wringer, emotionally, but seemed very adapt to dealing with it all. I mean, he did manage to find solutions to things very easily and never really stopped to sit and think. There were also questions he asked that never got answered, leaving me feeling a little cheated. But I loved the relationship he had with his twin sister, Courtney. Very moving and often some of my favourite scenes.

The writing was great, the dialogue realistic and interesting. The time jumps were done in a very understandable way, and mostly, the science behind time jumpers was explained. Of course, there were some things I wondered, but your bound to wonder that. Cross definitely has a way of drawing you in with her writing. Because without that talent, I’d have stopped reading half way through. I guess I was expecting more to happen with the time travel. I had this same problem with The Time Traveller’s Wife, though. So I think it’s a personal preference.

I think the movie version of this is going to be fantastic, and what an accomplishment to get a movie deal before the book is even published!

Overall, I rate 4 out of 5 stars. I recommend to romance lovers out there. Perhaps, also, to those who enjoy the logistics of time travel. And definitely to those who enjoy a bit of intrigue and mystery.


5 thoughts on “‘Tempest’ review

  1. Well I loved The Time Traveler's Wife so I'm gonna check this one out:) Plus, I also feel like my book is great from middle to end, but am struggling with rewriting the beginning so it sounds like it'll serve as a good example. Thanks for the review!!


  2. I liked this book but by the end my heart was broken and my head was hurting. I enjoyed the parts of this book that I could actually understand! There was a bit too much talk about time travel and somewhere along the way I got very lost and confused because it was just too much to try to understand. It was easy to focus in on the characters though and the great relationship that Jackson and Holly had.
    I can't wait for the next book.
    thanks for the great review! 🙂


  3. Def check it out, Jamie!

    And Alexa, I pretty much feel the same as you. Broken heart, sore head! I think I will read the next book because I'm hoping all the technical parts of time travelling have already been covered in Tempest.


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