New Release: Destiny’s Fire

Yes, check out this amazing new release by Apocalypsie Trisha Wolfe! And, I had the amazing opportunity to host an interview with her! Check it out.

1) For all those who don’t know, can you tell us what your novel DESTINY’S FIRE is about please?

It’s kind of difficult to explain. I’d like to say its Steampunk with a side of Paranormal, or Paranormal with a shot of Dystopian, but that just doesn’t capture the novel as a whole. Imagine our world in the future, except instead of electricity, futuristic devices are run on steam. However, it wasn’t because of humans these gadgets came to be. The Narcolyms, a shape-shifting race whose magic was used thousands of years ago to guard the pharaohs of Egypt, used their power—Flame—to usher in the steam era. The Narcos are in a centuries old war with the Shythe, the race of shape-shifting Kythan who have to hide their electric power from the humans of their world. And Dez, a seventeen-year-old Shythe girl, has a secret she must hide from everyone. But keeping her secret while trying to keep herself, her mom, and her friends safe becomes nearly impossible when the Narcos come to her haven on a Peace Act mission. Oh yeah, and there’s hot guys and kissing.

2) It sounds great! How did you get the idea to write it?

Thanks, Chanelle! Well, I love so many different genres, and I’ve written different stories in different genres, so when I sat down one day and started jotting ideas, things that I loved from each genre just came together. That’s why DF is so hard to classify lol. But I think readers can put it into the category they feel it belongs. I’ll leave it in their hands 😉

3) Can you tell us what your journey to publishment was like?

Crazy! For a few months, I queried my first novel while I wrote a second. Then, I queried the second novel while I wrote DF. I had a few interested agents, but no deal. But I believed in this story and the characters so much that I didn’t want to shelf it with the rest, so I began to sub it to houses myself. After only submitting it to three houses, Omnific Publishing picked it up fairly quickly. This process took two years. Writing, querying, writing, querying, subbing. I don’t think I saw the outside world more than twice lol.

The funny thing? After I found a home for DF one of the agents I queried made an offer. But she was so in love with the story, and had faith in my writing, that she signed me on an outline and partial of my fourth book. It feels amazing to have her in my corner now.

4) Read any good books lately? And if so, what? Why did you like them?

Yes! THE GIRL OF FIRE AND THORNS. LOVED it! I’m such a huge ran of Fantasy. I love getting lost in different worlds, and the setting of this book is amazing. And the MC, Elisa, she’s such an original character and unlikely heroine, yet strong and brave, I just fell in love with her. Rae Carson is a brilliant author. I enjoyed her writing style so much and I look forward to her future works.

5) A lot of people are either querying or on sub. Do you have any advice for them as opposed to the ‘don’t give up’ standard advice?

Honestly, I think the best thing to do while you’re waiting is to keep writing. I hear this so much, but it’s true. You have to keep yourself busy, and, with each book you write, you get better. Don’t put it all on one novel, waiting to get noticed. Keeping writing new and better stories. Even if that one novel gets picked up, you want to have another project going for your agent or house. Especially if you get an agent. There’s no guarantee that you novel will be sold to a house. So just keep writing.

6) Do you have a quirky personality traits? Can you do anything weird or funny?

Ha! Well, a lot of people have told me, many times, that I talk really fast . . . and too much. I’m always asked to slow down. When I get excited, I just go!

7) Because I do a Cover of the Week on my blog, tell me a cover that blew you away.

Jordan Dane’s ON A DARK WING! HarlequinTeen did an amazing job capturing the Angel of Death on this cover. It’s gorgeous, and the back of the jacket flap has such an ominous and startling feel. It really captures the essence of this story.

Thanks so much for having me, Chanelle! These questions were so much fun, and I can’t wait to read your debut MY HEART BE DAMNED.

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You can also buy Destiny’s Fire here.


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