Book Trailers

I need to ask my amazing followers something.

What do you think about book trailers?

Mostly, the following:

  • Has a trailer ever made you want to read something more?
  • Has it ever put you off reading something?
  • How do you find out about trailers?
  • Do you think they are needed?
  • Can they do more harm than good?
  • Do you ever purposely check out a trailer for a book you already want to read?

Basically, I’m wondering how much use book trailers actually have on a book. I’ve seen some great ones. And I’ve seen some not so great ones. Mostly, a good summary and some buzz gets me hearing about/wanting to read books. I don’t have to check out a trailer to want to buy something. So why have them? What is their purpose?

Also, The Apocalypsies have a channel on Youtube now where you can see all of them in one place! Check it out.


4 thoughts on “Book Trailers

  1. I very, very rarely watch book trailers, because there have been some books I was interested in reading, but the trailer turned me off of it. I'd advise anyone not to make a trailer unless they have a publisher willing to shell out the cash for a really professional one.

    The only trailer that sticks out in my mind as being so lovely was for Maggie Stiefvater's SHIVER.


  2. Oh I've seen some horrible trailers too. But mostly I'm pretty 'meh' about them. I rarely look at them once authors have posted on their websites.

    The Shiver one was fantastic. I remember it well.


  3. I loooooove book trailers! I think it gives them a little bit of the hype they deserve, since trailers are usually for movies.

    The best book trailer I've ever seen is the one for EVERNEATH. Heart-stopping!

    So…you're going to have one, right?



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