TV Guide (1)

Welcome to my new weekly (?) feature called TV Guide! Basically talking about all the shows I watched this week and films (if there were any) and what I thought of them! I’d love if you guys could get involved either having your own post and link back here, or opinions in the comments!


None! *cry face*


Desperate Housewives s08e13
I’ve been watching DH from the start and I’m still greatly in love with it. Every season there’s something else for these housewives. This week, the girls finally realise how low Bree has sunk and stage an intervention. Lynette finds romance and Susan learns some startling news about her daughter’s future. Really enjoyable episode, and I’m glad the girls finally realised how pathetic and mean they were being to Bree.

The Walking Dead s02e08
I’m getting a little disappointed with The Walking Dead. The threat of zombies seems to have stilled and they’re all doing a good job of killing themselves off within the safety of the farm. After Shane goes psycho and lets the zombies out the barn, Hershal drives into town to drown his sorrows. Wackiness ensues.

Skins s06e04

The English version. I’m concerned about Skins. Only because it’s so unrealistic. But it makes good TV. This episode centres around Franky, who – rightly so – feels responsible for what happened to Grace and decides to distract herself in Luke – the slightly insane bad boy she met on holiday. Best episode of the season so far.

Gossip Girl s05e15
This entire show should be renamed ‘There’s Something about Blair’ because every male seems to be in love with her, or doting on her. It’s Valentines day on the Upper East Side and Blair wants to set up Dan and Serena, but ends up screwing it up royally. This show is definitely my guilty pleasure, but I’m really annoyed at Blair – who up until now was my favourite character. Just get with Chuck already, why don’t you?

Pretty Little Liars s02e20
I love this show. It’s never faltered for me. I can’t wait to hurry up and find out who A is, though! Hannah and Caleb are super cute and this episode shows how good of a couple they are when Caleb’s laptop is taken by the police and Hannah remotely hacks it to get rid of evidence A planted there.

Vampire Diaries s03e15
I will never miss an episode of this show if I can help it!! My favourite show on TV right now. Every episode is thrilling. This week, Klaus’ mother gets ready to kill all her original vampire children and Elena gets (stupidly) second thoughts on the plan so of course, her kindness is taken for a weakness and someone is killed. I love the original vampire family, though. They crack me up.


Greys Anatomy – can’t wait to watch this.
The Secret Circle – the series is getting better, but still not great yet.
Glee – getting kind of bored of it now, though.
Supernatural – still love Dean, but the show feels a little dry now.


Glee – unless it perks up soon.
The Walking Dead – again, need more zombies to perk it up.


New Girl – I’ve watched a few episodes, but I need to start again and watch them all!
Grimm – Hearing good things about this.
Smash – Looks pretty good.
Awake – Love the premise.

What about you guys?


4 thoughts on “TV Guide (1)

  1. Yes! Why is Blair not with Chuck? After the wedding episode I almost stopped watching. Almost. But now the Dan thing. Ugh!

    Vampire Diaries is by far my favorite show on TV. A cliffhanger every week and I love every character on the show.

    New Girl is AMAZING! It's so awkward and I can never stop laughing.

    Secret Circle is getting better. Took long enough! And I couldn't agree more about Glee, it's starting to get boring.

    I also love The Lying Game, Once Upon A Time and Jane By Design. Obviously I watch entirely too much TV.


  2. I USED to watch The Lying Game, but I just haven't had the desire to get back into it!

    Every time I've watched an episode of New Girl, I've cracked up laughing.

    Thanks for commenting!


  3. Supernatural is disappointing me right now. Not that I don't still love the show… it just feels like this season is full of filler episodes – no new storyline that really makes a difference.

    I keep watching The Secret Circle thinking it's finally going to reach that point where I'm going to absolutely love it. It hasn't happened yet, and I'm getting a little doubtful it will – though I'll continue to watch it.

    I'm right with you on The Vampire Diaries. The originals really make the show right now. 🙂


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