‘Struck’ review

StruckStruck by Jennifer Bosworth

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It took me a while to get into this one. But once I did, it was smooth sailing from there. I wasn’t quite sure what the plot was supposed to be. A lot happened in a short space of time and I found myself wondering what the point in all of it was. But towards the end, it becomes clear.

Mia is an addict…to lightning. She seems to keep getting struck and she likes it. Weirdo. Anyway, the lightning has left her with weird marks on her body that she’s embarrassed of. Then comes a huge earthquake in LA which leaves the city in a state of disrepair. Almost apocalyptic like. Another storm is coming, one which will end the world this time.

It’s hard to summarise this plot because so many small things happen, which at first seemed random but them added up to the bigger picture. The world in which Mia lived in was an awful image to have. People almost like zombies and diseased from the storm. The homeless. People struck by lightning which gives them strange powers. I found myself feeling really sorry for Mia for having to survive.

Mia herself was a weird character. She was really spoiled. Everything had to be done her way. Her brother couldn’t do what he believed in because Mia didn’t believe in it. Her mother couldn’t do what she believed in because Mia didn’t believe in it. She risked the fate of the world because Mia wanted everyone to survive and wasn’t ready to deal with the casualties. But, despite all of that, I liked her. A freak, but a loveable one. All she wanted was for her family to be safe.

Her romance with the secretive, mysterious and handsome Jeremy was my favourite part of the novel. When he wasn’t involved in the story, I didn’t want to read! He was great. Their chemistry was great. And the reveal of who he really is I did NOT see coming!

4 stars. I recommend to those who liked apocalyptic kind of worlds with a chaotic story to go with it.

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