‘Of Poseidon’ review

Of PoseidonOf Poseidon by Anna Banks

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

I had no idea what to expect with this book. I knew it was obviously about mermaids, but other than that, I’d forgotten what the novel was about. So it was a great surprise reading through as the plot unfolded.

This book had one of the best first chapters I’ve read in a LONG time. Usually a book takes a few chapters to get its groove and begin to hook me. Some of my favourite novels I’ve had to push through chapters before beginning to enjoy it. But I started loving this book and continued loving it.

The story centres around Emma – a pale, clumsy girl who goes to Florida with her bff and happens to run into merman (Syrena as they’re called in this novel) Galen at the beach just before she and her friend are attacked by a shark. And then everything changes. Emma can communicate with fish. And she just might be the answer to Galen’s kingdoms problem. But first they have to figure out exactly where Emma came from and how she stayed hidden for so long.

The characters were really quite fun. It was entertaining as Galen and his sister and friend learned about human culture including sayings and how to act in society. Toraf was pretty funny. And the romance between Galen and Emma was well developed too. Their relationship blossomed at a realistic level and they had just enough angst without making me want to hurt someone. I can’t remember the last time I wanted a couple to be together so much.

I guessed the ending. I had guessed it from the start. I mean, it wasn’t exactly hidden, but if it was supposed to be a twist, it wasn’t much of one. Also, some of Galen’s behaviour came across as kinda stalkerish (like tapping into Emma’s phone and listening in on her calls). He was a good guy, but little traits like that would put me off slightly. Emma also went from a sheepish shadow of her best friend to an irate, confident goddess and I know we were told it’s because she was developing into her Syrena heritage, but I didn’t really buy it. Especially when she and Galen’s sister are having a full blown physical fight.

But overall, this was a great book. I loved, loved, loved all the scenes in the sea. It was really fun and interesting to read about. Emma’s interaction with the fish was believable and kinda beautiful actually. And while Emma was a little bit up and down with her personality, I still enjoyed reading her story aswell as Galen’s (though sometimes his descriptions of his kingdom got a bit eye-crossing for me). 4.5 stars. I recommend to those who want to read a good mermaid book.

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2 thoughts on “‘Of Poseidon’ review

  1. How did get your hands on an ARC? I'm going to send Anna this link. She'll love it! Great review. I'm going to brag and say I read those opening chapters when she was still querying. A fast-paced, funny intro that draws in the reader is essential. If I can't get past the first page, I probably won't read the rest.


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