‘Until I Die’ review

Until I Die (Revenants, #2)Until I Die by Amy Plum

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Release Date: 8th May, 2012.

There’s a third one in the series right? It can’t be left how this book ended because a) what a huge cliffhanger and b) it makes the whole book pretty useless if it just ends that way. I’d feel cheated.

In the second (and hopefully not last) in the series, Kate and Vincent are as happy as ever. But when a revanant’s human elderly husband dies, it brings reality crashing down for Kate who has asked Vincent to try not to die so he can grow old with her, even though it’s in his nature to die for humans. But Kate realises how selfish this is and both set about on separate missions to try and make their relationship easier on each other, neither realising how close their mission is to uncovering a dark secret that could ruin them all.

I didn’t enjoy this book as much as the first. I loved that it was set in Paris, and in the first book a lot of the book was built on the setting. We still had a lot of setting in this book (it’s one of the few YA books that DOESN’T focus on school life), it wasn’t as lovely to read about this time around.

I liked that Kate was determined to try and find answers. Her relationship with Vincent was romantic and a little overbearing. I hoped for a little more sexual chemistry from them both. Their conversations about finally having sex were as casual as discussing the weather. And when they got close before Kate slammed on the breaks, Vincent’s reaction was a lot more flippant than I thought it should be, especially when he claims “I’ve waited this long for you, I can wait a little longer.” Erm…it’s only been four or five months, Vincent!

The book felt shorter, but it wasn’t. I have no idea why it felt shorter because the first book was faster paced (a lot more action), but there was still action here. In fact, I KNOW this can’t be the last book. It wouldn’t make sense to the series if it was.

All in all, it was an enjoyable read. It kept me intrigued and I read right through to the end without skipping or skimming. This was more romance centred than action centred, but I have high hopes for the next book (I think). 4 stars.

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