‘Slide’ review

Slide (Slide, #1)Slide by Jill Hathaway

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
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A thrilling read with just enough suspense, romance, and drama to keep you entertained throughout!

Slyvia ‘Vee’ Bell can slide into people’s minds if she’s touching something they have emotionally imprinted on. Her classmates think she has narcolepsy. So do her family. She can’t tell anyone the truth; they’d send her packing to a mental home. It’s manageable, if not annoying, until Vee slides into the mind of someone murdering a cheerleader. But who is it? And can Vee stop them before they strike again?

Wha I liked about the book was the realism of it. It felt as though this could happen now. Like someone you know could possess this ability. I really enjoyed reading about Vee’s struggles with school, her broken family, and her sister who I was torn between liking and disliking.

There were only a few downsides for me. Firstly, Vee’s sexual assault, while is mentioned a few times, is never really dealt with. It happens before the book starts, but I found it hard to believe Vee wasn’t more emotionally destroyed by it than she was. Because it had happened only a year before. I wanted a little more depth in her feelings towards that. Because Vee’s feelings were often surface level. Sometimes I was left pleading for more.

I also found it a little coincendental, although necessary, that she always happened to slide into someone’s mind at the right time. I wanted more examples (because there were a few) where she slid into someone’s mind and it was at a completely random time. Not a time which answered a question or raised a question.

Having said that, I still very much enjoyed reading. I loved that although the best friend had feelings for Vee, she didn’t embark on that relationship. I guessed who the killer was about half way through, but it still played out very well.

4 stars.

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