‘Pushing the Limits’ review

Pushing the LimitsPushing the Limits by Katie McGarry

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Simone Elkeles – you better watch out, there’s a new steamy YA author in town and her name is Katie McGarry.

Pushing the Limits is another dual POV romance about two completely different characters who are pushed together and end up falling in love. But while I do really enjoy the Perfect Chemistry series, Pushing the Limits actually had some substance. The characters were messed up, seriously, and it gave me something else to focus on except the steamy relationship.

First off, I loved both Echo and Noah. Usually, when I read dual POVs, I find myself liking one POV more than the other and wishing the other POV didn’t exist. In this case, I loved both. I wanted to know what Echo was doing and I wanted to know what Noah was doing. How they both felt. I appreciated that McGarry didn’t repeat scenes in both POVs, because that is a pet peeve of mine.

The pacing started off slow. I got about half way through thinking there had to be two stories in one book because I couldn’t see how I had another 200 odd pages left until the end. But the scenes were short. That was why I felt like we’d already gone through an entire storyline by the half way point. It just meant there was more to learn. The second half flew by quickly. Questions began getting answered. Relationships got serious. Decisions were made. I was completely enthralled by it all.

I really enjoyed how Echo’s memory block played out. It was very interesting. I loved that she didn’t remember something so traumatic and when she did, it wasn’t anti-climatic in the slightest. It satiated my hunger to know what happened.

But my absolute favourite thing was the relationship between Noah and Echo. I found they suited each other well. Their language and banter was great, and they had some serious chemistry. There were scenes that had me hot around the neck, and then scenes that had my heart melting.

There were a few things that bothered me, though, enough to give 4.5 stars and not 5. I read an e-arc of this and the POV scenes weren’t labelled. So one minute you were reading Echo and the next sentence would be Noah. Not McGarry’s fault, but it did point out the bump between scenes. It wasn’t smooth and at one point we’d be on a Saturday and the next scene we’d be half way through the next week with little to no explanation of what had happened.

I also found that a lot of scenes were faded to black on us. I wanted to experience it with out characters, not be told about it in a weak sentence after. For example, Noah’s trip with the legal aid lawyer. Or the moments after they break up. Time skips a lot, and often it’s the time we want to read that’s skipped. They first get together and those weeks are skipped. Sometimes it made their deep feelings read a little cheap.

But overall, I really enjoyed this. 4.5 stars and I recommend to anyone who loves a good YA romance.

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