‘Unravelling’ review

Unraveling (Unraveling, #1)Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

What do you get if you cross Roswell with Fringe and Veronica Mars? THIS BABY!

I was really surprised, and nicely so, by this novel. It kept me flicking through the pages like a mad woman and I devoured half of the book in one sitting.

Janelle is the daughter of a top FBI agent. She’s a little spoiled by the fact that her mum is bipolar and therefore not mentally around much, and her dad is working all the time. So it’s up to Janelle (and her best friend Alex) to look after her younger brother. But when Janelle is hit and killed by a speeding truck one day, she’s saved by a boy from her class she’s never noticed before. Except, it should be impossible to save the dead, right? And she died. She definitely died. Could his secrets have anything to do with the ticking bomb signalling the end of the world her father found? And can Janelle help disarm it?

Janelle, for me, was a good character. Like a realistic person, she had her highs and her lows. She wasn’t very emotional (not when it mattered anyway), and often we were told she felt one way but there was no evidence in her actions or words that backed it up. She was also spoilt, impulsive and selfish. Though her tampering through her father’s files could have serious repercussions on his job and her criminal record, she did it anyway. She felt entitled to know what was going on. Which made for great reading, of course, but not so much for a great character.

But, she was also responsible, level headed, honest and brave. When the relationship she was in wasn’t working, she ended it without making a huge song and dance about it. She wanted answers and she found them. She looked after her brother.

The rest of the characters weren’t as well developed as Janelle. I liked them all plenty, but I wanted more. And without revealing too much, I don’t think we’ll get to know them in the sequel either. But can I just say how happy I am there is a sequel!!

The romance was sweet. Not very hot and lusty, but there wasn’t much time for that. I did like their banter and their chemistry. I loved that Ben had loved her forever and she didn’t know. I loved how sweet and protective he was without being too overbearing. There was instalove but it wasn’t ridiculous. It worked.

I liked the sci-fi involved. I loved the thriller aspect and the investigation Janelle carried out. I really enjoyed trying to work out what was happening and who fit in with who. Mostly, I just really liked the book.

(There was one thing that bothered me, though, and that was when a package turned up for her dad and Janelle assumed it was an early Christmas present for her brother, though she had previously said his birthday was the next month. So why wouldn’t it have been a birthday present?!)

4.5 stars. Would have been 5 stars, but some of the Roswell similarities were little too much for me.

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One thought on “‘Unravelling’ review

  1. So excited to start reading this book! I only heard positive reviews about it. I usually avoid insta-romance but I'm glad it worked for you! I think I'm going to like Janelle a lot. She seems like an emotionally strong character and I looove a good sibling love. ❤


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