‘Through to You’ review

Through To YouThrough To You by Emily Hainsworth

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The idea of multiple dimensions isn’t a new one, but Hainsworth manages to put a contemporary spin on a sci-fi idea, and really makes it work.

The story starts with Camden Pike, grieving the loss of his girlfriend in a car crash that he survived. At first, his mourning and grief coupled with the literary narrative is a little heavy. It felt like wading through a swamp that clung to you, depressed you, but you could see a glimmer of something in the distance. And then a wonderful island appears and you’re happy you kept going. Because once I got through the beginning, the rest was great.

The book is told in Camden’s POV and focuses on his love for his girlfriend, Viv. When she dies and he sees a girl in green light at the same place Viv died, it alerts him to a door to a mirrored reality where Viv is still alive. It was very interesting reading the interaction between Camden and the other Viv. They’re the same but yet they’re not. Their personalities, while acceptable in one path of life, can be unacceptable in another path. Their romance and love was well developed and filled with chemistry.

And yet there’s Nina. You can’t help but like her and feel sorry for her, even though Camden is a complete douche and she keeps going back.

This was definitely a book driven by characters. Not as much dialogue as I usually enjoy and we spent A LOT of time in Cam’s head, but when there is a scene, my goodness is it done well.

All in all, I give this 4 stars. Heavy and a little draining at times. But beautifully written and enthralling from the middle onwards.

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