‘Taken’ review

Taken (Taken, #1)Taken by Erin Bowman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this. I loved the cover and I was excited when I was sent the book for review.

At first, this was a great read. I loved learning about the town enclosed by a wall where boys are taken at 18 and escape leads to death. There was a great mysterious atmosphere where the main character was trying to figure out what the Heist meant and why he seemed to have beaten it.

And then the book changed. It went from being something original and unique to your run of the mill dystopian’s. The mystery of the town took a back seat and it turned into a story about corrupt government leaders and unveiling the secrets behind that.

Then it changed once more! It went from the dystopian community to escape and training and war.

It felt very unstructured, all in all. Just when I started getting used to one plot, it changed to another. This felt like 3 books in one and because of that I felt that a lot of questions weren’t answered and plot holes were just quickly half filled. I wanted so much more from this book, which I thought we could have got if this hadn’t have changed so quickly. It didn’t feel natural or smooth.

I was also unconvinced by the main character. I liked that it was told from a male POV. I even liked that he was a black sheep and despite not being as good as his brother, still managed to succeed. He was stubborn and rash and rude. But there was one scene at the start which meant I couldn’t fully get behind him, and then again at the end.

It is NOT okay for him to attack a woman. It isn’t. This was one of the first scenes in a book. He pounds upon a girl who is taunting him and he isn’t the least bit sorry about it either. And then towards the end of the book he plays with one girl’s feelings for him to make another jealous. But he does it in such an awful way. To purposefully almost have sex with a girl on the other side of the fire to the girl you’re in love with. Not cool.

So yes, I was torn about this book. Because despite all the bad points I just wrote about, I tore through the book hoping for something that wasn’t there. I did enjoy reading and the pace was fast. But I think I wanted this to be something that it wasn’t.

3.5 stars.

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