‘Arclight’ review

ArclightArclight by Josin L. McQuein

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I think this had the potential to be something amazing…instead, it was mediocre.

Save from Across the Universe, this probably had one of the most exciting first chapters that I’ve read in a while. Ignoring how utterly and completely confused I was, I was very intrigued and couldn’t wait until it was all explained…

Fast forward six or seven chapters later and I’m still confused. Fast forward six or seven chapters after THAT and I’m still confused. I know that part of the allure to this book is that we have an unreliable MC. She has no memory of her time before the Arclight and therefore is unable to tell us a lot of thing. But information on the hook to this book would have been nice.

I found this book so confusing at times that I think I lost the main point of it. The sentence structures were all over the place, and I know that I had an ARC but the errors were offputting in a big way. It took a lot of piecing information together myself and even then I wasn’t sure if I’d come to the right conclusion.

However, in all it’s faults I found myself utterly determined to get to the main crux of the plot and I was fascinated by this new world – if only I could really understand it. I did, in a way, like that there weren’t huge chunks of back story and explanatory narrative. But I think it needed to find a healthy medium.

The main character was likeable and I understood her decisions and thoughts and the twist at the end, while obvious, was handled well. What I really didn’t like was that the Fade – who were awesome – turned out not to be the bad guys and instead were fluffy type good creatures which really ruined the book for me. Can we keep our evil creatures evil, please?

The first half of the book was better than the second. I think, if I could get this book changed I would ask that a lot of unnecessary words be cut (sentences were too long and often didn’t make sense. Way too chunk of a book for what it was) and that description was focused on slowly rather than quick dashes of words. The Fade should have been really developed through this and instead weren’t.

3.5 stars.

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One thought on “‘Arclight’ review

  1. I felt EXACTLY the same way about this one. After that first chapter, I was expecting a really fast-paced, compelling story, but that SO didn't happen. I was really confused and also very disappointed in the Fade. Anyway, glad I'm not alone in my confusion/disappointment in ARCLIGHT.


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