‘Lancome 24H foundation’ review

During the summer, I’ve been using a NARS foundation as it’s been darker and I’ve had a nice summer glow. As summer has been dwindling and then all out leaving, my tan disappeared with it and the foundation was too dark. Rather than get another shade of the same, I thought I’d invest in something else and I’d heard good things about the 24H foundation so went to my nearest Boots and found the Lancome stand.

The woman advised me on my nearest shade match (shade 6, for those wondering) and after paying over £29.50, I was the new proud owner of a Lancome foundation.

The next morning I started my usual routine and instead of reaching for the NARS, I went for this. Immediately, I noticed the texture was different. Less watery and thicker which meant I needed less of it. The second thing I noticed was a beautiful scent to the foundation. Almost like a perfume. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a scented perfume but it was gorgeous.

The foundation went on easily, had great coverage and didn’t look caked on or patchy. And best of all it did exactly what it said on the tin; it stayed on.

I really love this foundation and I’m definitely going to continue to wear this throughout the winter as it’s a lighter shade (with a pinky tinge) but feels light and non greasy on my face.

4.5 stars.


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