Dior and Boots haul

Every so often I like to treat myself. I’ve been using the Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow pencil and really loving it but I have to order it online and then it comes with shipping costs etc etc so I thought I would try something new.

The Elizabeth Arden eyebrow pencil came highly recommended but the House of Fraser I went into only had honey blonde and my brows are a lot darker than that. So I found myself at Dior.

I let the woman dazzle me, I won’t lie. She tested all these products out in front of me that made me literally swoon. So I bought their pencil and a pretty looking lipstick that apparently only enhances your natural lip colour. She gave me a few samples too – a perfume and a face cc cream I believe.

Then I went to Boots.


All things I needed, to be fair. In the picture we have:

Dove summer glow tanning cream – £5

L’oreal Elnett hair spray – £5

Dove deodorant – £3.50

Maybelline master precise eyeliner x2 – £5.99

I’m a huge fan of the Maybelline eyeliner. It’s the only thing I’ll use now. I’ve tried a few others but they don’t apply very easily. My only issue with the Master Precise is that it runs out too quickly! I always buy two in one go. The Dove body cream is a new purchase. I used to buy it years ago when it was in different packaging but I didn’t like how it would collect between my fingers. This hasn’t seemed to do that. I also go back and forth between the Dove deodorant and Sure, but it was on offer at Boots for the same price as the smaller size, so – as often – I was swayed by a good deal! The Elnett hairspray, again, is something I’ve used for a long time but more recently I was using the Bed Head version which was good but not as good as this.

But, I mean, my best purchases were of course the Dior stuff. You can see below a close up of the things I bought below. So far I’m massively impressed! The eyebrow pencil, which was £18 I believe, slid on really easily. I’ll do a more indepth review another time but I found it easier to apply than the ABH version. And the colour match is better. The lipstick has really given my lips a natural gloss too (this one £23, I think).


So, have any of you tried the Dior stuff? What’s in your haul?


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