Dior Addict Lip Glow review

You would have seen by my previous posts and my twitter feed how much I’ve raved about this lip balm.

So I thought I’d follow it up with a review!

Packaging: Simple but elegant. The silver with the red writing really works, but what is even

better is the lip balm itself. The pink case has a big imprint of DIOR on the side, so you can’t miss what it is, and when you take the tube out, you can see the expense and quality by the weight and design. I love it.


Scent: It has a fresh peppermint smell. Peppermint isn’t my favourite scent in the world, but it works with how light and smooth this is.

Colour: This is the best part. It has some magical ingredient in it that means the colour changes depending on your natural lip shade. So no two people will ever get the same colour. You’ll see the difference below with my natural lips to my lips with the balm on. It turns it a very pretty pink with high shine. Can’t fault it!

Downsides: It can sometimes leave a weird texture behind on your lips. It’s not anything major by any means, but if you were to rub your lips together you’d definitely feel it there.

For £26 I would recommend it and I would buy it again.

4.5 stars!


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