‘Dutchie’ restaurant review

I know I usually use this blog for product reviews, but I had a wonderful experience at a Caribbean restaurant in Croydon on Saturday night, and I had to blog about it.


The Dutchie Restaurant and Bar is a new spot, hidden from the main shopping strip in Croydon. I happened to walk past it one day and vowed to go back, and how I’m glad I did. It serves Caribbean food in it’s finest glory. The flavours were perfect; not too spicy for those who can’t take the heat but authentic enough to be labelled as ‘jerk’.

The decor is a mix of bright colours and dark furnishings, which makes the place seem a lot smaller than it is. There is no natural light as it’s in the basement and there are a few stairs to get down. But though I turned up on a Saturday night, I was seated straight away.

One of the best things about this place is their deal of ‘241’ cocktails all day everyday! I had the rum punch and it was definitely a creeper. I followed it up with jerk pork and salad (as I’m on a pre holiday diet) with a side of fried plantain. Absolutely delicious.

My only criticisms would be that it seemed a little unorganised. This might be because the loud music meant it was hard for the waitress to hear so she was a bit uncertain at times and would leave when we wanted her to stay and stay when we wanted her to leave! I’d also like to see more sides introduced. Salt fish frittas, as an example.

But overall taste definitely won and I’ll be visiting again very soon.


One thought on “‘Dutchie’ restaurant review

  1. ooof! – that food looks good – I spent 6 months in the Bahamas and developed a serious passion for goat curry rice and beans! Lots of butter in the rice!


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