My trip to Ibiza!

Okay, so my trip was nowhere near as serene as that picture implies, but I wanted you to see the beauty of Ibiza rather than the reputation.

I booked this with a group of girlfriends for a 30th birthday celebration. We decided to travel cheap knowing how expensive Ibiza is and the kind of trip we wanted (not much time in the hotel). We booked an Easyjet flight for c£100 each and a hotel room for four days for £150 each. The hotel was the Mare Nostrum in Playa d’en Bossa.


The hotel was in a prime location. Right on the main strip leading to Bora Bora beach, Space, restaurants etc. It was also about ten minutes from the airport. But we had a room made for two people for three of us, so one of us had to suffer the curse of the pull out bed each night – and it was an awful curse to bear.

I took 700 Euros away with me, which in my mind was a crazy amount of money for four days worth of holiday. But actually it was necessary. Food isn’t so bad in the restaurants, especially the smaller ones, but it’s drink.

We booked a few tickets in advance. We’d decided we wanted to go to Elrow in Space, and booked that  from the UK for £41 each. We also wanted to go to Ocean Beach club which was 400 euros for a table, but you got 300 euros towards drinks. And the last Craig David TS5 event at Ibiza Rocks, which was about £30 per ticket.


We landed in Ibiza early on Friday morning. Our hotel room wasn’t ready until 2pm so we spent time relaxing by the pool until then. After, we went to Bora Bora beach and set up towels right outside of Jet – access to the bar but with the ability to bring your own drinks and food too. You’ll get bombarded by people trying to sell you tickets to events here. The bar in Jet is over priced but they do a really strong vodka slush for 10 euros. It’s probably the only thing worth buying. That evening we went for dinner at the Blue Marlin.

It’s a beautiful restaurant that also doubles up as a club but the service is really, really bad. Our table was at 9pm and we didn’t leave until midnight. Everything is slow in Ibiza. The food was lovely, though. At the end of the night, we gave 70 euros extra to be changed up so we could get cabs back. They tried to pocket the money. It soured the evening considerably having to fight for our money back.

The next day we went to Ocean Beach. It’s a massively pretentious place where you dress up like you’re in TOWIE and sit and look pretty while drinking expensive vodka. The pool will randomly shoot out jets of water, soaking people nearby, but I actually had a fantastic time. They serve lovely food there too.

Ocean Beach Opening

That night we had our tickets to Elrow. Space was a club unlike no other. It is absolutely HUGE. It fits 10,000 people. We soon realised, when we arrived, that buying your tickets in advance isn’t the best method as the queue for those tickets was double the queue of those who had purchased tickets on the beach. But it moved quite quickly. Inside was a scene out of Alice in Wonderland. It was so trippy. Inflatable objects were being thrown around, people on stilts danced through the crowd, men dressed as leprechauns offered free hugs. I hear Space is closing once the season is done – I find that incredibly sad. It was bloody extortionate though and barmen seemed to make up prices at their whim (a bottle of water was 12 euros in one part and 15 in another).

The Sunday was the last Craig David event of the season. It was what I’d most been looking forward to. Despite the crowd, I had an absolute blast. I’m a garage girl at heart. We got there at about 3pm and Craig’s set was at 5. He was on for about an hour and a half and then someone else took over. It was advertised as finishing at 8pm but it went on for quite a bit longer. We went for dinner at Steak and Shake that night and OMG the burgers were TO DIE FOR. One of the best burgers I’ve ever had.

Monday was our last day and we spent it back at Bora Bora. Our flight was at midnight so we had time to go for a last nice meal before we left at Sissi’s. Again, horrendous service. I’d asked for things I never got, got the wrong order, got told my food was something it wasn’t and left waiting for cutlery for ages. Food was quite nice though.


(bikini from Boohoo)

I came home with 250 euros. My biggest expenses were definitely alcohol and cabs. Blue Marlin, Ocean and Ibiza Rocks were all in San Antonio which was about a thirty minute cab ride away. I also had a fry up breakfast everyday I was there! But that ranged from 7 euros to 12. I really wish I’d gone to DC10 which there too.

How about you? Have you ever been to Ibiza? How did you find it?


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