Makeup brush cleanser hack

If you’re like me and not someone who gets sent lots of goodies to test for free, all these products and clothes and life is probably eating at your bank account.

I’m a huge fan of finding hacks or dupes which save you money. In fact, I’m a huge fan of saving money full stop! So please do comment below if you know of any hacks or pages you follow that give money saving tips!

Anyway, today I bring you a makeup brush cleanser hack!

For no more than £3, you’ll have something that lasts forever and does the job of cleansers worth way more.


Here we have:

Carex Antibacterial Handwash

Virgin Olive Oil

A silicone oven glove

All of these items you can get from your local poundshop or 99p shop. You will obviously need a bowl. So put a tablespoon or two (depending on how many brushes you have) of olive oil into a bowl, add three or four pumps of antibacterial hand wash and give it a bit of a mix with one of your brushes. Then start with that brush! Once it’s covered in your cleanser, scrub it against the oven glove and you will literally see all of the makeup foaming out of it. Rinse, repeat if necessary and then leave to dry!


It’s really that simple. The olive oil keeps the brushes soft and the antibacterial hand wash obviously kills any bacteria residing there. Another suggestion I’d add is if you have any kind of tea tree spray (I have a great one from LUSH that I use), add a few sprays of that. You can also use this on your brushes between full washes too just to try to minimise any bacteria.

If you try this and like it, let me know!


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