Miss Pap haul

Hello, my name is Chanelle and I have an addiction to internet shopping.

I was procrastinating at the weekend and decided I didn’t have enough clothes. Actually, I’d seen Megan McKenna wearing a pair of over the knee boots that I really wanted and I’m quite into the jumper dress and boots look for this autumn. So I made the mistake of going online.

I found a pair of boots straight away. They’re great material and really easy to put on. They also have string at the back to tighten the boot if unlike me you have slim legs. Comfortable too and the heel isn’t too big.


I also got a loose jumper dress to go with it. It’s got a bit of a sparkle to it but I warn you, it is sheer so you’ll need to wear something underneath it if you want to avoid underwear peeks. I’m not sure if it’s the greatest shape for my figure, but it’s certainly good for days where I’m feeling bloated and want nothing to touch me.

Lastly, and my favourite item, are the jeans. They slit all the way up the length and are stretchy so they’re not a struggle to get on. And while I’m a size 10, I have big thighs and a big ass so some jeans just are not my friend! These are so comfortable. So much in fact, I’ve already worn them twice!


(The necklace isn’t from Miss Pap but I wanted to show what I’d wear with it)

Have you had any great purchases lately?


6 thoughts on “Miss Pap haul

  1. hey, do you get cold wearing those jeans? I often wondered, obviously I don’t have any slash jeans. I’m a very much cover up and keep covered kind of girl lol


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