My Weekend Trip to Paris!

At the beginning of October, I went to Paris for the weekend with a friend. It’s the first time I have ever been to Paris. I went on a school visit to France, but never to the beautiful city that is Paris. And wow will I be returning as soon as I am able! It is one of the most amazing and breathtaking places I have ever been to.

Here are my highlights.

1. Had my first experience of the champagne bar in St Pancreas station! Completely expensive and over the top, but worth it.



2. Also experienced my first Eurostar trip! Not the best experience, if I’m honest. Someone laid on the tracks after the tunnel and my train was the unlucky one to hit them. We were delayed 6 hours because of that…

3. Got upgraded to first class as my window was smashed due to the impact. Therefore we spent the delay getting free mini bottles of wine!

4. I learned that I am too loud for first class.

5. We successfully navigated the busy train station and managed to order an Uber on our phones! Paris have Uber Pool as the default option which makes things a bit cheaper. We need to have this throughout the UK, not just central London.

6. Our hotel was in Batignolles, which isn’t in the centre of Paris and about a twenty minute car journey. But it was quiet and right by the Moulin Rouge theatre. That street is quite an experience, if you know what I mean.




7. We bought tickets to the Batobus which was a river boat that stopped at all the big tourist attractions and you could literally hop on and off to your hearts content.

8. Notre Dame was amazing and everything I hoped it would be! We didn’t queue to go in as the delay the day before had cut our time quite a bit.

9. Paris do the best coffee and crepes. Like seriously. The best.



10. And the best red wine.


11. And the best pate and bread.


12. The Eiffel Tower is so much taller than I thought it would be. And no I didn’t climb it, but I so wish I had. Next time for sure.


13. The tourist attractions are attractions for a reason. They are beautiful but very very busy. I’m not sure if there’s a quiet time to visit Paris, but if there is, that’s when I’ll go back.



14. I finally got to visit a Sephora and ohmygoodnessss it was just everything. Seriously everything. I think I spent about two hours in there just staring at all the beauty.



15. KONG is massively overrated, the service is appalling, and the food nice but not worth the money. This is probably the biggest disappointment of the whole trip. It truly is a beautiful restaurant and the scene in Sex and the City does it justice but it’s managed and run by a bunch of kids who seem to think if you’re old then you probably have money so that’s where their attention goes. I wish to God I’d never spent so much money in there.





16. Paris is even more beautiful at night. The tower lights up once an hour, I think, and it is a sight to truly behold.

I will always remember my trip to Paris and I’ll be going back soon because I need more time! There were a few places we didn’t spend a lot of time in and places I’d want to explore further and restaurants I need to eat in!

If you’ve been to Paris, where are places you would recommend?



24 thoughts on “My Weekend Trip to Paris!

  1. Paris is beautiful if the weather is good, we were there in july and had a hailstorm – the streets were covered in hailstones- it looked like winter!


  2. I went to Paris in May and it was fab, but as I have two little ones we didn’t venture outside of Disneyland! And it rained the whole time we were there 😦


  3. I’ve never been to Paris, just to Disneyland Paris (quite a few times!). I find cities hard work, I love the art and architecture but can’t stand the volume of people as I’m a country bumpkin!


  4. We visited Paris last year. The Eiffel Tower was worth doing for the experience – but massive delays, long queues, and unhelpful staff didn’t help (plus loads of hawkers and pickpockets about – be careful). But definitely worth going to the Chocolate Museum – a really interesting place, samples of chocolate (of course), great hot chocolate, and really friendly and helpful staff.


  5. Looks like you had such a wonderful time! I am going back this year as it is my favourite place on Earth to visit. I am obsessed with Rodin’s house but in general it is just amazing! I don’t know why people always say Parisians are rude as I found them lovely!


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