November Favourites

Hello everyone.

Can you believe we are four days into December already?! This month has flown past. I’m really looking forward to 2017 but firstly lets talk favourites! This month there are some new items that I managed to get from a Duty Free sale and some others I’ve enjoyed recently.


First up we have the popcorn bracelet. It’s so beautiful! It drew my attention straight away in the sale, and it’s a really reasonable price considering how expensive it looks. It has magnetic clasps so if you struggle to put your own jewelry on, ladies this is for you.



I’ve always been a fan of Micellar water, and usually use the one in the pink bottle for combination skin, but I read on a blog recently that using products with oil in them can actually help oily skin. Who would have thought it?! So I took a chance with this one, and you know what? I love it. It smells beautiful and while I haven’t noticed my skin being less oily, it hasn’t been any oilier, so that’s good!



For those who read this blog and actually pay attention to anything I say, you may remember a post where I claimed my favourite perfume was the Lancome one. It’s not; it’s this. Viktor & Rolf; Flowerbomb. Flowerbomb is and has been my go to perfume, but it’s so bloody expensive! So when I saw it on sale at the Duty Free sale, I had to snap it up. The scent is just so fresh and sweet. I adore it.



Pixi has been a brand I’ve been using for a long time now. The tonic was recommended to me by another blogger with problem skin and it has worked wonders. So I thought I’d try the overnight glow serum. I do admit, I use this in the morning more than at night (and you’re about to see why) but it really does give my skin a lovely glow. It helps to control the oil, though that is a hugely difficult feat!



But my favourite for the month is the Midnight Recovery oil by Kiehl’s. I got this in the duty free sale for the same price as you’d buy the 30ml version – so an absolute bargain. This oil, though. This oillllll. It gave my skin such a glow and a healthy appearance with one application that it soon over took my pixi love. This is definitely worth the price and the applicator on this one makes it so easy to use.


So that’s it! What were your November favourites?


45 thoughts on “November Favourites

  1. Didn’t know there were different micellar waters for different skin types. Might have to try this one. I also read in a mag that you can add facial oil to your foundation to keep skin hydrated x


  2. Thanks for that – very interesting and makes me want t buy everything except the flowerbomb as I do not like sickly sweet perfume


  3. Lots of beauties here
    I use the Garnier cleanser -find it really great at removing makeup and preventing breakouts -i use the combination formula


  4. I love the popcorn bracelet. Magnetic clasps are a very good idea. I’ve tried Flowerbomb in store, and loved it. But haven’t bought any yet


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