Blogs/Vlogs I’ve been loving

I wanted to start a new feature to talk about blogs and vlogs I’ve stumbled across (or been subscribed to) that I’ve really enjoyed and wanted to share. They’ll be a mix of tutorials, articles, lifestyle, health and fashion.

PURPLE TONES – a beautiful purple eyeshadow look by Chedsneh using a morphe palette.

2017 GOALS, DREAMS & EXPECTATIONS – an inspirational blog post on making the most of 2017 by Melissa Lou.

HOW I EDIT INSTRAGRAM PHOTOS – a post with some handy apps to download on your phone and how to use them!

CLASSIC FESTIVE LOOK – a makeup tutorial by the one and only Kaushal Beauty.

FIXING A BABY TABLE/RANDOM CHAT VLOG – this one probably had the biggest impact. You may have heard of Jayde Pierce, you may not have, but she’s been very public about her pregnancy and the struggles and it really opened my eyes to a world I’ve not yet allowed myself to experience. But I do think more women should be open and honest. Not all pregnancies are fantastic experiences though the end result makes it all worth it.

Do you have any blog posts you’d like to share?


26 thoughts on “Blogs/Vlogs I’ve been loving

  1. will have to check out these different blogs you have mentioned. Especially the Instagram one – I struggle with that meadia


  2. Thanks for that. I’ll give these a read later. It can be overwhelming knowing what blogs to read as there are so many out there.


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